Abz Jalil

Location: Perry Barr, West Midlands
About me...

I started my speaking career as a Motivational Speaker, Business Coach and Entrepreneur and in that capacity I take the audience on a roller coaster ride beginning with when I had nothing as a child and left school with no qualifications, to when I began to transform my life at the age of 18 to the invigorating place where I find myself right now.
Along the way, I became aware that my audiences were very interested in how and why my family had  uprooted themselves from India to make a new life in the UK.  So I have now created a talk that, although inspirational in the story it tells, is merely an informative  entertainment with a very  light-hearted approach, rather than to inspire at a motivational level.



About my Talks...

The presentations last for 30 to 45 minutes (depending on what is required) and are followed by a 15 minutes Question and Answer session. These presentations can be given in a stand-alone format or, if your venue has the necessary equipment I am happy to deliver a Power Point presentation.


My fee is £50.00 for groups of up to 50 people where the venue is within 15 miles of my home address in Perry Barr, Birmingham. For a larger audience please contact me to discuss.
When the venue is more than 15 miles from my home, I charge 45p per mile travel expenses. I am happy to speak ANYWHERE in the UK – however additional costs may apply if an overnight stay is necessary.

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The Formula for Success

Motivational Speaker from West Midlands  Abz Jalil talks about The Formula for Success.

Sadly, most people do not know the Formula for Success and my talk is based on the journey of my life. You will travel with me along a road full of ups and downs,  highs and lows,  expectations, disappointments, wins, losses and seemingly, always another twist or turn before things fall into place and the rainbow’s end is there at my feet. I hope to inspire people from all walks of life, illustrating that success IS achievable. In my talk there will be guidance, information, audience participation, Q&A and above all,  humour and the ‘feel-good-factor’.

Financial Freedom

Motivational Speaker from West Midlands Abz Jalil talks about Financial Freedom.

Money is crucial to everyone’s life and it is something that we are not taught much about either at home or at school!
Several years ago I was a typical young man with a job and at the end of each month my wages went into my bank account. For me it felt really good because I was paying my bills, shopping and partying. Suddenly, for reasons I’ll explain to my audience, I found myself going through a bad patch – in fact it was a very bad patch in deed as far as my finances were concerned. As I didn’t have any savings I had no idea how I was going to keep up with my loans and credit card payments. I even owed money to people! I had completely lost control of managing my money and I went through bankruptcy….. NOT once but TWICE.
After masses of research, a system gradually started to formulate – a system that I worked on and honed so that it worked not just for me, but for all kinds of people. I want to share the information about this system with my audience because there is no reason for anybody to lose control of their finances.


From the British Raj 1919 to Birmingham 2019

Public Speaker in Birmingham Abz Jalil talks about From the British Raj 1919 to Birmingham 2019

This talk is based  on how my father and mother uprooted their lives and came to England back in the late 1960’s.  I will start the talk briefly, back in the time of their parents – my grandparents – and the life they lived during the days of the British Raj when India was ruled by the British Crown (from 1858 to 1947).  We will move on to my parent’s lives, their brave decision to leave Bangladesh to create a new life in a foreign land and their dream of making a home fit for their future children there. The twists and turns of my own life…. and I will pause awhile to explain how very different my life would have been if my parents had chosen to stay in their own country and I had been born in Bangladesh.

This is a stand alone talk – I don’t need any equipment.

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