Adam Greathead

Location: Stourbridge West Midlands
About me...

I was born 5th February 1990 into a non-gardening family. Somewhere, somehow i got the gardening bug and started selling hanging baskets and plants to my secondary school teachers! Here i was nominated for the Princess Diana memorial award and i later found myself at Althorpe house, having it presented by Earl Spencer.
On leaving 6th form i went straight into working at a plant nursery for three years before starting my own garden maintenance round. I am very lucky now to be Head gardener and good friend to John Massey MBE VMH,Ashwood Nurseries, in his private 3 acre garden.
I am also Chairman of Wollaston Gardeners Guild and tend several allotments (I had my first plot aged 11). I have done my stint exhibiting vegetables and chrysanthemums, collecting a series of trophies and shields and now focus my attentions on my ever-growing collection of alpines and hepaticas in my alpine house at home.
Ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you I have a wicked sense of humour and I like to convey this in my talks.

About my talks...

All my talks are powerpoint presentations and include beautiful garden photography. Most talks include a poem or two and some background music, all contain humour! I have my own projector and microphone. All i require is a screen/white wall to project onto. I can bring plants/homemade jams to sell depending on time of year.


£70 + travel expenses.

Please contact me if you are a small local group as I am sure we can negotiate a suitable fee.

My Contact Details:


‘Duck Pools’ A garden divided pools

This tends to be the talk i give to a group on my first visit as it tells the audience a little about myself, my allotments and then the main focus switches to my medium garden which opens for charity each year. Lots of beautiful plant photography and some poems. Learn about the next door neighbour who bore all in an attempt to ripen her tomatoes and meet Charles & Camilla the terrible twosome!

Plant Portraits

2.plant portraits

This talk showcases some of the beautiful and interesting plants Adam has come across either in his own garden or on his travels. Starting off at the alpine show at Knowle in the spring, the talk moves into summer with some of the star performers before slipping into autumn with alstromerias, brugmansias and cyclamen. We end with a series of photographs displaying some winter beauties, set to music.

Fall Into Winter

3.Fall into Winter

It does what it says on the tin! This talk shows that autumn and winter don’t have to be the quiet months in the garden. Promoting plants with attractive bark, berries, stems or, indeed, flowers. Features star performers for both autumn and winter interest. Photographs of John Massey’s private canalside garden at Ashwoods also included. Ideal for gardeners and non-gardeners alike.