Advertise Your Talks Free of Charge

If you’d like to be included on my website please send me an email with the necessary information to make up a webpage for you (see below). It seems, from the feedback I’m getting from the Speaker/Bookings Secretaries that they are most frequently booking those speakers who have supplied about 100/150 words (or more) about each of their talks and a photo/illustration. It is also a good thing to quote your fee (rather than stating negotiable) and how much you charge for travelling expenses/mileage. Please note that the Speaker/Booking Secretaries are not charged any sort of fee for using this website.

What I’ll need from you:-

Just a little bit of blurb about yourself

A little bit of blurb about your presentations, ie are they power point, slides, or are you a ‘stand alone’ presenter. Do you require any equipment such as a screen to be provided at the venue

A photo of you – please send this as an attachment, not as an integrated part of a Word document.

Each talk needs a NAME. If you haven’t got a name for your talk, then think one up before you send me your email…. think of something interesting or cute, or funny, or clever, anything that’ll catch the eye or the imagination of the Speaker/Bookings Secretary. Remember that’s the first person that you have to impress – if you don’t get past the Speaker/Bookings Secretary, then you don’t get to give your talk!

Where possible, a photo to illustrate each of your talks. This makes your webpage more interesting, If you have more than two or three talks, then the NAME attached to the picture must be the same as the name attached to the talk – or else you can give both the picture and the name an identical number. Several people have sent me a large batch of talks with photographs bearing a different name and expected me to sort it out. I don’t have the time ot the inclination to do that.

Contact details phone number(s) and an email address. I’ll include your website if you have one – but in return, I ask you to include this website address on your own website – the choice is yours, just let me know what you prefer to do.

As far as your fee is concerned, I don’t like to put ‘negotiable’. It is too stark and wastes time and causes embarrassment when you quote a figure that is way above what was expected. So, please give me a starting figure such as “Starting figure is £50 plus modest travelling expenses if more than ten miles from my base in Lichfield” Some speakers like to quote their mileage costs as well.

Can you give a good indication of the areas to which you are prepared to travel or I can key you in as ‘Anywhere in the UK’

Study the themed sections and let me know what sections you want me to list you under.

Don’t just email me to go to your own website and pick up the information I need because I don’t have the time to do it. It’s a free service, don’t make it hard for me!

The photos to illustrate the talks should be landscape rather than portrait. This isn’t absolutely essential, but if you have a choice of two photos, then send me the landscape one because it’ll fit the allocated space better. Remember, please don’t embed the photos in a document to ‘make it easier’ for me or to ‘make it look nice’ because it makes it a lot harder and time consuming – and don’t use bold or fancy text because I have to take it all apart and start again if you do! So, the blurb as plain text and the photos sent as an attachment and I can get your web page up and running in no time at all.

email me: