Alan Jones

Location: New Forest, Hampshire
About me...
The study and practice of hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy has fascinated me for more than 40 years.
During my earlier career as a State Registered Nurse I wanted to provide patients with the mental resources to cope with their illnesses, fears of medical procedures, or future health limitations.
I discovered that for many hypnotherapy offered an effective solution.
As a registered hypnotherapist I meet exacting registration standards and regularly attend seminars updating new skills, using this knowledge base and clinical experience at practices in Romsey, Hampshire and also in Harley Street, London, specialising in removing phobias, reducing anxiety and stopping panic attacks, plus the ability to successfully resolve many other lifestyle issues.


About my talks...

As you would expect; I am hypnotic!
My talk is tailored to meet your requirements.  I do not require any equipment.


The fee is £65 plus travel at cost for distances more than 30 miles round trip from my home in the New Forest, Hampshire.
Availability – Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, Any Day of the Week


My Contact Details:

Telephone: 02380-293611 Mobile: 07786-376980

“Look into my Eyes” - The history and mystery of Hypnosis

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Mention the word hypnotism and people fear being turned into chickens.
Hypnotists are expected to swing watches and stare deep into the eyes of their victims, bending their mind to whatever they demand.
But the history of hypnosis dates back to the dawn of civilisation.
The aborigines called it “dreamtime” and other cultures had their own names to explain the strange experience.
Science has uncovered a better understanding of hypnotism and how blending it with special psychological techniques can create a therapeutic approach capable of achieving rapid changes for a wide variety of personal problems.
Find out more about the history and mystery of hypnosis and the benefits of Hypnotherapy.
You won’t have to look into my eyes, just lend me an ear and few moments of your time. And Yes! there will be practical demonstrations, but no one will be a chicken or hypnotised.


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Ever wondered why you are attracted to some people and want to avoid others?
It’s not based on the way they speak or even what they say, yet most people make up their mind about you in just 90 seconds and it can take a lot longer to change that decision.
Discover the silent and subtle way that our Body Language speaks louder than words when we communicate with each other yet we rarely even notice it.


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The headlines only tell one side of the challenge faced by those who aspire to claim world records.
Whether they aim for ocean depths or mountain peaks, the jungles or desert, every adventure begins at home.
This is the untold story of a world record achievement and the challenges the family waiting at home had to overcome.

Alan Jones Contact Details:

Telephone: 02380-293611 Mobile: 07786-376980