Ann Hobbs MBA

Location: Lincoln
About this speaker...

Ann is razor sharp when it comes to cash, and knows more than anyone about what’s hot property in the world of investments.  She also knows a thing or two about the high life – Former business accountant, turned financial adviser. Ann presented a weekly business programme for television before moving to Spain where she wrote a monthly financial column for a newspaper for rich ex-pats in Spain. These informative and light hearted talks take bite sized chunks from Ann’s unusual and varied life. Each talk stands alone in a variety of rich, informative and funny topics. From the trials of getting a book published to the restoration of a French Country House.  And not forgetting the time Ann spend presenting a weekly business programme for television and the financial tactics used  by the rich and famous use to keep their wealth.

About her talks...

The talks are available with Powerpoint presentation or ‘stand alone.’  A projector is provided but a screen or blank wall would need to be available.

Ann will tailor the topic with fun suggestions that everyone can enjoy.


£75.00 inclusive of all travel throughout Lincolnshire, thereafter 30p per mile or by arrangement.

I am based in Lincolnshire but will travel anywhere in the UK.

My Contact Details:

01526 869014 M:07728725801

You Can Put Your Money On It!

1. You Can Put Your Mney on It.

In the current celebrity-crazed climate, people are aspiring to more luxurious lifestyles… but of course we’re not all on celebrity incomes. Whatever your budget, and whatever you’re after – a better return on your investment, or a new hobby, a talking point, or even access to the exclusive world of the wealthy– Ann Hobbs has the answer. More and more people want their money to be visible, tangible. Her message; just because you’re money’s tied up – there’s no reason you shouldn’t have fun while you reap the benefits!This informative and light hearted talk will take bite sized chunks of unusual investments that some of the rich and famous choose and guide you through whatever your lifestyle Ann will tailor the topic with fun suggestion that everyone can enjoy.

Restoration! Me?

2.Restoration... Me. Anne Hobbs.

As an erstwhile TV Presenter and rooted in Finance DIY has never been in my vocabulary. So when my husband said “Let’s try something different.” I thought “Why not” instead of “Why?” Reckless may have been but after several renovations and a wealth of laughs and scrapes it was indeed a life changer.  Join me for a walk through the ups and downs of our first foray into a French Country House in desperate of need of TLC.

Is Multi-tasking in the 21st Century the Only Way Forward?

Public Speaker Ann Hobbs speaks about "Is Multi-tasking in the 21st Century the Only Way Forward?"

Are women better than men at multi-tasking?  Has technology made it a mixed blessing? Ann will take a walk through the old perception of multi-tasking between men and women with a warm and humorous combination of fact and fiction. Where it has come from and what the future has on offer may surprise you!  This is a lighted look at the pros and cons of multi-tasking that will amuse all.