Anne Samson

Location: Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
About me...

I am a professional historian and publisher who has been researching the East, Central and Southern African campaigns of World War 1 for over twenty years and am widely published on the topic. I am the co-ordinator of the Great War in Africa Association, a free international community of people interested in aspects of the First World War in Africa. As a result of this work, my knowledge of the other African campaigns has developed. Before starting a publishing company, which works in partnership with authors, I was in Further Education and teacher training for 15 years and am education advisor to an education charity which was based in Tanzania for 9 years and since in Rwanda for 3. I hold a doctorate in history and am a Fellow of the Royal Historical Association as well as other First World War networks. African by birth, my talks can challenge current thinking.

About my Talks...

Talks are tailored to audience interest and time available (20mins to an hour, with questions) and can either be stand alone or supplemented with power point presentation. All are interactive.


Fee: £30 + travel (standard tube/train fare or 0.40p per mile)

My Contact Details:

01923 778 105 (with answerphone)

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A Church as VAD Hospital in Middlesex


Other talks I can Offer

I can talk on a variety of World War 1 in Africa topics tailored to the audience’s requirements. These can range from broad military overviews, researching family members, the role of specific groups such as air, transport, logistics, medicine, food, women, literature (and film), remembrance, legacy and comparisons with the Western Front.

Anne Samson Contact Details:

01923 778 105 (with answerphone)