Anya Simpson

Location: Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
About Anya Simpson...

Anya Simpson completed her B.A (Hons) before embarking on her M.A at Durham University.  She has worked with people with disabilities, specialising in Health advocacy and representation.  She has, also, set up and developed numerous self-directed social enterprises and peer support group models, as well as providing continued research and recommendations to Commissioners highlighting needs led gaps in health and social care for people, at grass root level, which proved to be financially cost effective.  Her work successfully attracted and received secured mainstream funding streams and core funding contracts which enabled vulnerable people to have continued community support in the third sector, one of which attracted funding for over £1,000000.

Using her skills she, later, set up and developed something completely different, something creative, which continues to flourish to this day.  She set up and developed a business ‘Satins and Silks’ specialising exclusively in silk and satin handbags and silk accessories.  These include Fair Trade.  These products are now sold in stately home gift shops and other places of historical interest.

She is, now also, in high demand as a Professional Speaker, giving Talks to, among others, different Ladies groups throughout the North East.  All to positive acclaim.

About her talks...

This is a stand-alone Talk the only requirement is a good sized table (pasting size) for demonstration.


Speaker Fee/Travel Expenses  – Travel is  50p per mile.  She works reciprocally.  Because ladies always want to treat themselves after the Talk the Speaker Fee is waived and the Talk is FREE of Charge.

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“The History of Silk and Its Role in Fashion Today

Public Speaker Anya Simpson speaks about The History of Silks and Satins.

The Talk ‘The History of Silk in Fashion Today’  takes people on a visual journey.  It covers the history of silk, the making of silk, and the differences between the different types of silk.
Fair Trade and Cottage Industry silk work are discussed and how silk as a product and a craft, has fused with the fashion industry both past and present.
A collection of silk handbags and silk accessories are brought along to the Talk, so people can see and feel the different textile textures.  By the end of the Talk you will be able to tell the difference between the finest mulberry silk, taffeta silk, Thai Silk, brocade and recycled sari silks.
The Talk is beautifully finished off by a poetry reading titled ‘The Royal Classic’  – a love poem encapsulating history and romance as a means to metaphorically express the essence of the neo inspired ‘The Royal Collection’ Handbags.

After the Talk the silk products are available for sale. Most women like to treat themselves and/or a loved one. Because of this, the Speaker Fee is waived and the Talk is free. This is a stand-alone Talk the only requirement is a good sized table (pasting size) for demonstration.