Arthur Cross

Location: Stockport Cheshire
About me...

Before retirement I was a school teacher. Since the 1970s I have had an interest in a local charity, Charnwood Nursery & Family Centre, Stockport. I do not ask for a fee but a donation of the group’s choice to Charnwood.

About my talks...

I use PowerPoint for my presentations which last about an hour including time for questions. I ask the group to provide a screen/white wall and I bring all the rest of the equipment.


No fee requested but a donation to my favourite charity The Charnwood Trust is suggested and also cover of any travel expenses.

Charnwood Nursery offers a third of its places to children with a disability, and seeks to operate as one big family.

My Contact Details:

0161 442 9856

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

1.1. Arthur Cross Rather big glacier in the crater 320x210

Mount Kilimanjaro is the crown of Tanzania and Africa’s highest mountain at 19345 feet. At this height there is about half the oxygen of sea level. Kilimanjaro is a dormant but not extinct volcano with two main peaks of Mawenzi and the higher Kibo. The trek passes through lush rain forests, heather moorland, arid desert and finally to the rim of the volcano, past glaciers, to reach Uhuru Peak. The roof of Africa.
Our group took the somewhat unusual decision to camp overnight in the crater of Kibo amongst the tower glaciers with their six foot icicles. It was beautiful sunshine during the day, a bit chilly at night and then it unexpectedly snowed during the night and we had to beat a quick retreat. The Snows of Kilimanjaro are nothing like Mr Hemmingway’s short story. It is an illustrated talk lasting nearly an hour but can be shorter.

Mera Peak in the Himalayas

3.Arthur Cross Mera on the peak 320x213

Mera Peak is the highest Himalayan summit in Nepal that you can trek to the top. At 6476m/21240ft it offers the possibility to break through the 6000m barrier and to admire a mountain panorama that is probably the best in the Himalayas and includes Everest.
The adventure starts in Kathmandu just as the king is about to be voted off his throne and proceeds with an adventurous flight into the short, steeply sloping airfield at Lukla.
Then a great deal of trekking among the magnificent mountains standing out against deep blue skies, over high passes and into the remote Hinku Valley.
Oxygen levels at 6000m drop to about 40% of sea level so would we suffer altitude sickness? We did have the pleasure of a close encounter with the usually shy Himalayan Snowcock, a partridge-like bird; and a yeti.