Brian Margetson

Location: Wareham, Dorset
About me...

Having spent a career designing buildings and other structures I have now semi-retired allowing me to focus on my other interest, public speaking. I have a great deal of experience in presenting and have previously been President of Bristol Speakers Club. I have given talks to audiences as diverse as The NHBC, Civic Societies, Women’s Institutes and Retirement Homes.
My passion is to make my presentations entertaining and lively. I strongly believe any topic can be interesting if well presented.

About my Talks...

My talks are powerpoint presentations and I provide my own projector, laptop and if required I can bring along a screen.
I can give one of my talks as a Stand Alone presentation – see details of the individual talks for more information.
The talks last between 30 minutes and 60 minutes – again more information is available with the details of each talk.


My fee for a presentation within Dorset is £40, Somerset, Bristol and Hampshire £50, Devon and Wiltshire £60, elsewhere by negotiation.

My Contact Details:


07765 408930

Ghosts, Royals & Ferrymen

Public Speaker from Dorset Brian Margetson talks about 'Ghosts, Royals & Ferrymen'

I have spent 25 years creating a unique photographic archive and a fascinating catalogue of anecdotal stories of Britain’s working ferries. The resulting presentation includes an immensely varied collection of strange craft, interesting individuals and unusual locations. And of course, there are the stories that go with these passages.
The presentation focuses on river, estuary and inshore ferries, from rowing boats up to the Isle of Wight ferry.
Time – 30 to 60 minutes to suit audience.

The Search for the North West Passage

Public Speaker from Dorset Brian Margetson talks about the search for the North West Passage.

As trade with the far east blossomed during the 1700 and 1800’s, ships heading that way were forced to undertake the lengthy and perilous passage via the Cape of Good Hope (the Suez and Panama canals were built years later). Intrepid explorers searched in vain for a route through the frozen wastes of the Arctic north of Canada for a “North West Passage” that would make voyages considerably shorter. This talk follows the efforts of two men, John Rae who found the most viable route, and Franklin who found nothing, but lost a considerable number of good men on his two disastrous expeditions.
Time – 30 to 45 minutes to suit audience.

The Mysterious Loss of the SS Waratah

Public Speaker from Dorset , Brian Margetson talks about 'The Mysterious Loss of the SS Waratah'

In the early morning of 27th July 1909 the Waratah overtook a steamship and sped ahead eventually slipping over the horizon. The officers on the bridge of the slower steamer were the last to make a positive sighting of Waratah. To this day, no debris, no bodies and no wreck has ever been found. She simply vanished with her 211 passengers and crew. One passenger, who disembarked at the previous port, had suffered premonitions of her demise and succeeded in adding an additional swirl of mystery to the loss.
Did she succumb to a giant wave, was she fundamentally unstable, or perhaps an alien abduction was involved. There are no shortage of theories as to the cause of her disappearance, and the audience can choose their favourite after hearing of the abundant side plots that enrich this mystery.
Time – 30 to 45 minutes to suit audience.
This talk can be given without Powerpoint as a Stand Alone presentation.

Brian Margetson Contact Details:


07765 408930