Chris Truran

Location: Wood Green, North London
About me....

I joined the Metropolitan Police on 6th March 1975. I trained as a Scenes of Crimes Officer (SOCO). I worked in central, north and north west London. During my 38½ years I examined over 25,000 crime scenes ranging from Shop-lifting to Murder. When I started examining crime scenes DNA was in its embryonic stage.

About my Talk...

The talk is a Powerpoint presentation and I provide all necessary equipment.


I ask for expenses of £50 plus £10 towards petrol when travelling more than ten miles from my home base in Wood Green, North London.

Although I normally work within a 40 mile radius of home, I am prepared to travel further for special occasion events, though travel expenses would need to be negotiated – please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I can stand in at short notice if a previously booked speaker lets you down and cannot deliver his or her talk.

My Contact Details:

0208 8889696

DABS and DNA Detects Criminals.

Public Speaker Chris Truran talks about his Policing career and the use of DNA in his talk called DABS and DNA Detects Criminals.

This covers the development of fingerprints from the first burglar being arrested using fingerprints, to the development and use of DNA in 1984.

I also cover James Hanratty, Locherbie, the Tsunami and the Brighton Bombing.

Chris Truran Contact Details:

0208 8889696