Colin King

Location: Atherstone, Warwickshire
About me...

I’m a storyteller!

Originally from Ireland I have lived in Scotland and Jamaica before working as a teacher in Warwickshire for 30 years. I have been a professional storyteller for some 16 years

About my storytelling...

For far too long storytelling has been relegated to the nursery or to bedtimes for infants.  However, storytelling has at last experienced a long overdue renaissance with the growth of story clubs, storytelling festivals, storytelling for therapy, storytelling in business etc etc.
I have been telling stories to adult audiences in village halls, at lunch clubs, Rotary clubs, in festivals, literary Societies, libraries, coffee shops and a prison.
I am an approved speaker with Warwickshire WI.
My stories include traditional folk tales, legends, modern amusing stories or tales with a historical theme.
My story performances are relaxed and light-hearted.  I do not read from a book.  Some of the tales may involve making a few background sound effects where audience members are invited to use a variety of simple instruments.
I use no slides or illustrations and require only a small table. The pictures are conjured up in each audience member’s imagination.


Fee of £40 covers an hour’s presentation.
Travel, if over 10 miles, at 30p per mile.

My Contact Details:

Tel:01827717474 Mobile:07941122993

Traditional Folk Tales from the British Isles Almost forgotten stories that used to be told in the old days in the English counties, Ireland and Scotland

Myths & Legends from Around the World

1. Colin King

With Myths & Legends many people think only of tales of the gods of ancient Greece and Rome. However, every culture has its own collection of such tales. I will take you on a journey around the globe sampling mythical stories from a variety of cultures.

Grace O’Malley, the Irish Pirate Queen

2.Grace O'Mally 320x240

Grace was an amazing woman who commanded a fleet of ships off the west coast of Ireland in Tudor times. She was very shrewd, brave and great leader. Even with a price on her head, Grace sailed up the Thames to Greenwich for an audience with Queen Elizabeth I to air her grievances.

Redmond O’Hanlon, Highwayman and Irish Robin Hood

3. Highwayman 320x240

O’Hanlon lived in very turbulent times in seventeenth century Ireland. He led a group of men who were the scourge of Ulster robbing rich landowners who had been given their lands by Cromwell or the English king. Redmond often helped poor peasants with his ill-gotten gains.

Tales of the Supernatural & Murder

4.spooky 320x240

A selection of spooky and murder tales from England ,Ireland and Scotland. Includes the Rugeley Poisoner, A Man Possessed, St Valentine’s Day Murder,One-Handed Boughton of Rugby, The Cloptons of Stratford, A Phantom Battle etc.

The Legend and History of Coffee

5.Kaldi Colin King 320x240

The surprising legend of the discovery of the coffee bean and the fascinating history of the drink’s rise in availability and popularity throughout the world.



Bringing Stories Alive for Kids 320x240

A demonstration for parents or carers of how to make stories for children “come alive”. Grownups find this talk/demonstration very entertaining.

Tales of Some Celtic Saints

7.colmcille 320x240

Recounting the legendary tales of St Patrick, St Columba and St Brendan.

The Rose of Tralee – the Story Behind the Song

8.Rose 320x240

There is a sad tale of how this song came to be written, a song that has given rise to
numerous “Rose of Tralee” festivals.

Successful Escape From the Penal Colony

9. Penal Colony 320x240

The true story of a Cornish woman who managed to escape from the infamous penal colony of Australia in an amazing and perilous journey.

Entertainment + Stories

Did You See That Funny Thing That Happened The Other Day?

10.folk tales 320x240

Life in the 21st Century – amusing observations + songs + stories
This is a collections of funny things that all of us probably notice every day or read in the newspapers. I have collected a number of these to make up five different performances (I have been asked to give this type of programme several times by the same organisation so have needed to compose new programmes). The amusing observations take up the first half of the programme and I tell several funny stories and a song or two in the second half.