David Bickerton

Location: Waterlooville, Hampshire
About me...

I am a retired civil engineer living in Waterlooville, Hampshire. Since retirement, in addition to investigating my parents’ wartime experiences, I have researched my own ancestry. By then, researching into people’s ancestors had become something of a consuming hobby and I have now researched around twenty other people’s ancestry.

About my Talk...

I use PowerPoint to present my talk. I bring along my own projector and laptop but require the venue to provide a screen or clear wall space.


Fee is £45 within ten miles of my home in Waterlooville, Hampshire and modest travel expenses if further afield.

My Contact Details:

023 9259 1482

Parents at War

Public Speaker in Hampshire David Bickerton talks about 'Parents at War'

I was drawn on a journey of discovery after finding nearly 150 letters that my parents had exchanged between 1942 and 1945 before they were married. With the help of the letters and extensive research I have been able to piece together a detailed picture of their wartime experiences through my book, Parents at War.
I discovered how my father was in the crew of HMS Dorsetshire when she took part in the pursuit and sinking of the Bismarck. My mother was a radar operator in the WAAF and served at 5 RAF radar stations and found herself tracking enemy aircraft on their bombing missions.
The young lovers met by chance in a Haverfordwest hotel in 1942 and had only a short relationship before my father was sent to the hostile waters of the Mediterranean where he commanded a minesweeper and was involved in 6 invasions.

David Bickerton Contact Details:

023 9259 1482