David Bickerton

Location: Waterlooville, Hampshire
About me...

I am a retired civil engineer living in Waterlooville, Hampshire. Since retirement, in addition to investigating my parents’ wartime experiences, I have researched my own ancestry. By then, researching into people’s ancestors had become something of a consuming hobby and I have now researched around twenty other people’s ancestry.

About my Talk...

I use PowerPoint to present my talks. I bring along my own projector and laptop but require the venue to provide a screen or clear wall space. My talks normally last for approx 45 minutes and I am happy to answer questions at the end. I can provide a shortened version of the talks if required.

My talks can be given as virtual presentations (zoom).


Fee is £45 within ten miles of my home in Waterlooville, Hampshire and modest travel expenses if further afield. I can often be available at short notice, so if you have been let down, do contact me.

My Contact Details:

023 9259 1482

Parents at War

Public Speaker in Hampshire David Bickerton talks about 'Parents at War'

I was drawn on a journey of discovery after finding nearly 150 letters that my parents had exchanged between 1942 and 1945 before they were married. With the help of the letters and extensive research I have been able to piece together a detailed picture of their wartime experiences through my book, Parents at War.
I discovered how my father was in the crew of HMS Dorsetshire when she took part in the pursuit and sinking of the Bismarck. My mother was a radar operator in the WAAF and served at 5 RAF radar stations and found herself tracking enemy aircraft on their bombing missions.
The young lovers met by chance in a Haverfordwest hotel in 1942 and had only a short relationship before my father was sent to the hostile waters of the Mediterranean where he commanded a minesweeper and was involved in 6 invasions.

The Pursuit and Sinking of Bismarck

Public Speaker in Hampshire David Bickerton presents his talk The pursuit and sinking of Bismarck

The pursuit and sinking of Bismarck is one of the enduring stories of WW2 which continues to fascinate. More than a hundred British warships were involved in the 5 day, 1,750 mile hunt. The British battlecruiser, HMS Hood was sunk within 10 minutes of engaging the mighty Bismarck which disappeared for more than 24 hours and she was almost within reach of safety before the British won the day.

I was inspired to delve further into this historical event as my father was a crewman aboard HMS Dorsetshire which was involved in the final showdown and I have compiled a 60 minute PowerPoint presentation. A shorter presentation can be offered on request.

It is worth noting that 2021 sees the 80th anniversary of this event.

David Bickerton Contact Details:

023 9259 1482