David Keith Jones FRPS

Location: Lichfield, Staffordshire
About me...

I am a professional photographer with a wide variety of presentations using my own images. My Italian wife and I have lived and worked in Africa for over 30 years and have been lucky enough to travel widely on five continents.
My books, Faces of Kenya and Shepherds of the Desert, published by Hamish Hamilton, London, went into several editions.
The Photographers’ Gallery and the Africa Centre in London, the New Stanley Gallery in Nairobi and L’ Espace Archard in Sainte Foy lès Lyon, France have all hosted exhibitions of my photographs.
For over 40 years I have been selling my images for publication, first through my own stock library Images of Africa Photobank and since 2004 through Alamy where I have over 11,000 images available for publication on line.
Thousands of my photographs have been used worldwide in books, magazines, calendars and newspapers. The Telegraph, Guardian, Times, Observer, Daily Mail, Reader’s Digest Books, Rough Guides, Insight Guides, BBC Books and National Geographic are amongst hundreds of publishers who have used my work.
Recently my images have won many awards in International Exhibitions and I am a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society – a distinction awarded (twice) for my African wildlife photography.
Now semi-retired, I enjoy sharing my love of photography with many audiences, Camera Clubs and Photographic Societies.

About my talks...

I use a digital projector and sophisticated software with smooth fades, zooms and panoramas to enhance first class photography from 17 different countries.


My normal fees are £75.00 plus travelling expenses at 44p per mile.
For smaller societies I am willing to negotiate discounts; so please contact me and explain your needs.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a cancellation.  I can often be available at short notice.

My Contact Details:

01543 262898

Africa!  Continent of Superlatives!


This presentation takes you across the length and breadth of Africa to experience the earth’s largest desert, longest river, biggest inland delta, tallest sand dunes, largest alkaline lake, biggest waterfall, greatest geological feature, biggest primate, largest bird, heaviest, fastest and tallest land mammals and the last surviving ‘Wonder of the ancient world’!

Nomads of Kenya

Two Maasai moran standing silhouetted with their spears and red cloaks or shukas southern Kenya, East Africa. In the background is the peak of Mawenzi which is part of Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa.

Based on my book, Shepherds of the Desert, this presentations takes you into the extraordinary lives and remote, beautiful scenery of the dry regions of Africa, where agriculture is impossible and people live alongside their camels in a lifestyle which has existed for thousands of years.

African Elephants

Elephants elephant herd wading and drinking in the Uaso Nyiro River Samburu National Reserve Kenya East Africa  The riverine forest of acacia trees and doum palms lines the bank


An exciting presentation on these wonderful endangered animals, full of beautiful images, delivered with humour and sensitivity.  The whole life cycle of the elephant and its relationship with the environment is vividly brought to life with a series of unusual images.
(David supplied most of the images for Salamander Books’ Encyclopaedia of Elephants.)

The Long Walk to Annapurna

9.The long walk to Annapurna320x240

Mountaineering in the Alps and Africa and a 28 day trek in the Himalayas of Nepal, with first class photography of beautiful mountain scenery.
The Dolomites, Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro and Annapurna are all featured.

Life Beyond the Judges 

5.Life beyond the Judges320x240

This is an account of my life as a professional photographer and how I have been able to sell thousands of images worldwide.

This presentation is very popular with Camera Clubs and Photographic Societies but will be enjoyed by any audience.

A Trip to Italy *

1.A Trip to Italy320x240.

A fascinating glimpse of the mountains and cities of Umbria and the Marches with insights into the history, architecture and art of this beautiful region. *

* For my Italian presentations you may be lucky and get two for the price of one since my Italian wife Carla is often willing to come along and help me with the commentary.

Jewels of Northern Italy  *

4.Jewels of northern Italy 320x240

This covers the lakes, mountains and cities of Lombardy, the wine regions of Piemonte and the dramatic alpine mountain and valleys of Aosta.

*  For my Italian presentations you may be lucky and get two for the price of one since my Italian wife Carla is often willing to come along and help me with the commentary.

Ravenna, Florence and the Gates of Paradise *

7.Ravenna Florence and Gates of Paradise320x240

The 5th Century mosaics and early Churches of Ravenna – once the capital of the Roman Empire – contrasted with the splendid architecture of the Renaissance in Florence.

* For my Italian presentations you may be lucky and get two for the price of one since my Italian wife Carla is often willing to come along and help me with the commentary

What audiences say about my talks

We were completely enthralled with your presentations.  The whole evening was a complete joy. – Michael Williams, Steyning Camera Club Programme Secretary

What a great evening we had when you were our guest speaker.  The contents were full of exciting locations and wonderful images.  All our members were full of praise for the delivery and your knowledge of the subject. – Roy Hawthorne, Gen Sec Wolverhampton PS

Everyone who attended your presentations thoroughly enjoyed them and recognised your high standards of photography and professional presentation and delivery. – George Lamb, Programme Secretary, Rugeley & Armitage CC

Just a brief note to thank you for giving us the Nomads of Kenya presentation.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and feedback I have received from members has been very positive indeed. – Peter Downham, Walmley Probus Club Meetings Sec

On behalf of the Mercia Group I thank you for the fascinating talks you gave us on Jewels of northern Italy and Life beyond the Judges. Your pictures were absolutely superb. – Derek Watkins, Programme Secretary, Coventry CC

Our members really enjoyed seeing your images and learning how they were taken.  A very informative evening.  Everyone was impressed by the enthusiasm you have for your photography. – Michael Anderson, LRPS, Hon Sec Colchester PS

Thank you for your excellent talk.  It went down extremely well. I want to thank you for reminding me how beautiful Africa is and for taking such glorious images. – Roderick Orrell LRPS, Programme Sec. Brighton & Hove CC

Thank you for your excellent lecture.  We were treated to a feast of excellent images and the accompanying information was fascinating. – Linda Robinson, Programme Secretary, Ipswich & District PS

Thank you for a wonderful evening!  The feedback I received was very positive with many people saying book him again! Coupled with a very slick presentation it made a superb evening! – Maddy Pennock, Prog Sec, Worcestershire CC

I would like to thank you for your presentation; it was one of the best we have had at the society for a very long time. – Dave Clarke, Prog Sec, Sutton Coldfield PS

Thank you so much for your enthralling presentations. The Programme Sec’s arm will be bent to make sure you come back again. – Barry Evans, Dudley CC

David Keith Jones FRPS Contact Details:

01543 262898