David Squibb

Location: Bletchley, Buckinghamshire
About Major David Squibb...

Retired Salvation Army Officer and Counsellor.
Major David Squibb has been a Salvation Army Officer for 40 years working with his wife, Ruth and is now  retired and living in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire. A native of Devon he still has a slight west country burr mellowed by a variety of appointments in England and Switzerland, his wife’s homeland.
“Having had a speaking ministry to a wide variety of people on a diverse selection of subjects ranging from holiday destinations through local history, Pilgrimage to Israel and stories about the Salvation Army through to a selection of Bible based subjects I can offer myself to you as a potential speaker for your event, club, group or church. I have had an ecumenial outlook thoughout and I am familiar with and have worked with all the mainline expressions of Christian faith. I have had numerous speaking engagements ranging from schoolwork to the Rotary Club and similar groups.

About his talks...

I list below just a selection of subjects and I can offer tailor made talks in consultation with you to provide an hour of stimulating interest, good humour and personal encouragement. Every talk will conclude with a brief thought for the day based on what has been heard and seen. Most of my talks are illustrated with a Powerpoint presentation for which I can use my equipment or yours.”
These are what I would call “popular talks”, full of interest, stories and facts but not in any way technical or ‘highbrow’.


My charges are £25 plus travelling at 40p per mile. My maximum distance from Bletchley is  about 50 miles.

My Contact Details:

01908788928 MOBILE: 07728755429

1. A Walk on Atlantis

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A visit to Tenerife, probing behind the hot sunshine, sandy beaches and souvenir shops to discover ancient mysteries, walk across the volcano, find the beautiful local craftsand why this Island could be linked to the legendary Atlantis. Look into the crafts of the Oratavo valley; whale watch from a catamaran; ponder over the pyramids of Guimar; find out why Christopher Columbus visited La Gomera before launching out for America.

2. Discovering Malta

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The wonders of this rugged speck of rock that span over 3,000 years from the Phoenecians through the Romans and St Paul, the Knights of St John, a George Cross for Maltese valour in WW2 to a role in Popeye that left a unique souvenir to which tourists flock. This is a small island with a big heart, still perched precariously between the Christian and Muslim worlds it offers everything except sandy beaches!

3. A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

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A most personal series of reflections on some of the main Christian sites in Israel including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada, the Dead Sea, Galilee and the Golan Heights. This can be a travelogue or a more reflective meditation; you choose!

4. The Salvation Army-an Army without Guns

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A glimpse into the work of this unique expression of the Christian Church. How it came into being and what it does today. An insiders view of a remarkable Church and Charity – what makes it tick. How do brass bands, flags and tambourines fit in reaching out to and helping those who have hit rock bottom? (I can offer two separate talks; Origins and The Sally Ann today)

5. I was only putting out the chamberpot!

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Some of the stories about the people and situations I have experienced over the last 40 years. From the hilarious to the touching, from the tragedy to the inspiring. If you ever wondered if God really does touch peoples lives in our age this is for you.

6 Home of the Cuckoo Clock-Switzerland

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My wife’s homeland and the land of William (or was it Wilhelmina?) Tell, high snowcapped mountains, deep blue lakes, rich folklore and fascinating stories. (Three in this series; Around Lake Geneva; The Bernese Oberland; The Valais-Great St Bernards’, Salt and the Matterhorn).

David Squibb Contact Details:

01908788928 MOBILE: 07728755429