David Taylor

Location: Wombourne, Staffordshire
About me...

I completed a MA in history through the Open University in March 2015, on the subject of the decline of hand nail-making in Wombourne 1841 – 1901, I was awarded a distinction. I have over 30 years experience in, mainly, retail businesses, covering all aspects of the industry- finance, product, shop locations, IT and mergers and acquisitions. I have lived for over 20 years in a very large village on the edge of Wolverhampton and the Black Country.
I am married with two children, one of whom is living in Brazil and the other in Birmingham.

About my talks...

My presentation uses power point slides, a screen is all that I need at the venue.


Starting figure is £35 plus 10p a mile travelling expenses if more than twenty miles from my base in Wombourne, South Staffs.

My Contact Details:

0781 637 0436

'Where Did The Nail-makers Go To?'

David Taylor1 - Copy

I have converted my MA dissertation into a presentation looking at the process of the decline of an industry in a semi-industrial village location. Many topical subjects are touched upon, but nothing in too much detail. This allows the talk to be somewhat tailored to the special interests of the group involved.

The Police of Wombourne in the Nineteenth Century

Burslem Police 320x240 - Copy

For working class people there is a surprising amount of information about policemen in the nineteenth century; from which we can determine a little of what they looked like and their characters. This talk unveils this information for a sample of policemen, looking at real people and what they did in their working lives.