Dr Graham Cope

Location: Cardiff, Glamorgan
About me...

After a long career as a medical scientist I like to talk in an entertaining and accessible way about my interests of antibiotic resistance, ‘guts’ and inflammation. In latter years I have researched the history of the late Georgian period and I talk about interesting but little known characters, including the Grand Old Duke of York, who transformed the lives of the British soldier; one of his many mistresses Mary Anne Clarke who caused his resignation after a major political scandal, William Wilberforce who helped abolish the slave trade and Spencer Percival, the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated.

About my talks...

For my talk I require a screen and table. I can bring along a projector, laptop and other artefacts as appropriate.


My fee is normally £70 for a 45-60 minute presentation, depending on geographical location, with travelling expenses of 20p/m if over 20 miles from my base.
If you are a small group, please contact me and we can usually reach a compromise.

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Inflammation – A Right Pain In The Neck

Public Speaker in Wales Graham Cope presents his talk Inflammation, A Pain in the Neck.

Many of the diseases of the aging body, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, joint problems and chronic pain are a consequence or a malfunction of the immune system. What is inflammation, basically how does the immune system work, and what happens when it goes wrong? How do anti-inflammatory painkillers work, and what can you do and eat to help reduce inflammation?

Antibiotic Resistance – the ‘Ticking Time Bomb’.

A talk by Public Speaker Dr Graham Cole - Antibiotic Resistance. The ‘Ticking Time Bomb’

Antibiotics are the main weapon to treat infections but since the discovery of penicillin bacteria have been evolving to resist their effects. More ‘super bugs’ are emerging, with hospital acquired infections such as MRSA a major problem. Antibiotic resistance has been described as ‘the biggest threat to modern medicine’, but why does it happen and what can be done to prevent the spread of these deadly bugs?

You’ve got to have guts!

human gut image

Around 40% of people have at least one digestive problem. This talk describes the causes of a range of diseases that affect the guts and how treatment works. The talk will explain new findings about how the gut functions and how diets and fast foods can be dangerous and cause problems with sleep patterns, mood and energy levels and may hold the key to a range of other diseases such as Parkinson’s.

The Grand Old Duke of York and Mary Anne Clarke - A Right Royal Scandal

Public Speaker in South Wales Graham Cope, talks about The Grand Old Duke of York and Mary Anne Clarke, a "Right Royal Scandal"

Prince Frederick, the Duke of York was a soldier and commanded the British army against the French revolutionaries when only 29 years old. From Horse Guards he set about improving the army to be the best in Europe until they defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. But York had many mistresses. One was Mary Anne Clarke, an ambitious social climber. When the affair turned sore she caused a major scandal when she and others accused the Duke of selling army promotions for his own financial gain. The story is one of treachery, deceit, political shenanigans and a major enquiry in Parliament which rocked the country for several weeks and resulted in the resignation of the Duke

William Wilberforce and the abolition of the Slave Trade

by Sir Thomas Lawrence, oil on canvas, 1828

William Wilberforce was an MP for Yorkshire who campaigned for many years for the abolition of the slave trade in 1807. He fought against strong opposition from other politicians, plantation owners and shipping magnets, particularly those from Liverpool. Born in Hull and married into a wealthy Birmingham family he followed his strong Christian conviction and worked with other colleagues to lobby parliament in support of stopping slavery until his death in 1833.

Spencer Percival – the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated

Public speaker in South Wales Dr Graham Cope presents his new talk about the Assassination of the British Prime Minister Spencer Percival.

Spencer Percival was the British Prime Minister in May 1811 when he was fatally shot in the lobby of the House of Commons by John Bellingham who was a disgruntled trader with Russia. Following his imprisonment there on ‘jumped up’ charges Bellingham returned to England and claimed compensation for false detention. But he was refused, with a civil servant telling him ‘he was at liberty to take whatever measures he thought proper’. So he purchased a gun, walked into the lobby of Parliament, waited and then shot the PM in the heart. He was tied and hanged three days later.

What people say about my talks

‘Graham has spoken to Pershore & District U3A on two recent occasions and is booked to return for a third time in 2020. He is an excellent speaker with many years’ experience. He engages with his audience whilst imparting a considerable level of knowledge in clear and entertaining manner. His second appearance brought a record number of U3A members to our monthly meeting.’

Jill, Chair of Pershore & District U3A

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