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About The Speaker...

After graduating from university with a BA hons in History my passion for the 17th Century was still just a personal love, at that point I decided to bring the story to life again in my local town Chester. That saw the birth of Chester Civil War Tours. I conduct Civil war themed Public walking tours of Chester, in costume and also a hugely successful pub tour. After numerous requests to take my tours to the people I decided to branch out into talks. These have been very successful and I have been invited to schools, official events, village fetes, local history groups, and banquets. Always informative and well received an all in costume.

About Their Talks...

My Talks are all presented in full period dress with power point but equally they can be presented without as I provide visual aids such as costume, armour and weaponry. I am based in Chester but I have delivered talks throughout the country and will travel. I am also happy to step up to the mark to cover cancellations and last minute events.


£70 plus travel expenses for a 45 minute talk in full costume – with or without power-point presentation

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The World Turned Upside Down (The impact of the execution of Charles 1st on the people of England )


This talk goes into the details surrounding the execution of Charles I. Who where the main players, how was the litigation decided and who signed the death warrant? We then focus on the impact the execution had on the people and nation of England including the effect on the church, state, towns, villages and international relations.

The Grand Ole Cause (The Cromwellian Republic and its legacy)


The Grand Old Cause is the Republican viewpoint on England after the Restoration and we talk about the impact of the Restoration and the search for the Regicides, the men who tried and executed Charles I

Are you a Roundhead or Cavalier? (17th century ideology in the 21st century)


A fight which is still as strong today as it was in the 1640s, this talk explores the rationale behind people’s opinions, whether they could easily put themselves in one category or another or if the lines were and still are well and truly blurred.

The Lord’s Anointed (17th century Monarchs and their relationship with their subjects)


This talk concentrates on the personalities of the Stuart Monarchs, How did James I feel about taking up ‘office’ in England after the death of Elizabeth I, Why was Charles I in constant turmoil with parliament, was Cromwell a King in all but name, why did we go from a Republic back to a Monarchy in such a short space of time? All will be revealed in this enthralling presentation.

I also cover the following areas:


The Road to War (Why England went to war in the 17th century)

The Norman Yoke (the concept of the Norman Yoke and its effect on England)

The King Killer (The story of John Cook, the lawyer who tried the King)

The Turncoats of the English Civil War (How men changed sides and changed again and again )

The Political / Religious Cocktail of the 17th century (how politics and religion were intertwined in the 17th century)

The 17th century origins of Socialism (How Religious Radical groups shaped Karl Marx and the Socialist Movement )
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