Eric Millward

Location: Marple, Stockport
About me...

I am based in Greater Manchester, south of the city and I am no stranger to public performance having for over 50 years played major roles in musical and drama productions in addition to some public speaking.  At school I found history a bore perhaps due to the wartime “by-rote” teaching methods – but 25 years spent in researching my family history as well as four years as a National Trust Room Steward at Lyme Park, Cheshire has stimulated  my perception of history in general.

About my talks...

They are PowerPoint presentations and I supply all equipment, though use of an in-house screen is much appreciated.
The talks last for approximately 45/50 minutes but can be extended if required.




£40 for a typical 45 minute talk with slides. There would be no additional travel cost to venues within 10 miles of my base.  I can provide my own projector and, if necessary , a small 4ft diagonal screen.

My Contact Details:

The Maiden and the Diplomat..... a Georgian Scandal

1.Gretna 334.x151

A true story of ruthless ambition, deceit and eventual justice set against a background of the turmoil of the effects of the industrial revolution in early 19th Century England.
It deals with the events surrounding and the aftermath of the notorious national scandal known as the ‘1826 Shrigley abduction’ . In some cases, this was tragic for the principal characters involved whilst it was of international significance for others.
There are many references of particular interest to Cheshire and South Lancashire audiences and I have assembled additional relevant local and other material not collected elsewhere.

The talk lasts for approx 45/50 minutes but it can be extended if required.

"Old Man River..... the Maverick Mississippi"

Public Speaker Eric Millward talks about  "Old Man River.....  the Maverick Mississippi"

The Mississippi is a remarkable river not only for its length and the size of its catchment area but also for the impact on the welfare and lives of the local people and of the of the United States in general. It has been, and continues to be, a difficult waterway to manage because of its unpredictability. This PowerPoint illustrated talk describes its features and its history in peace and war including the celebrated but often tragic steamboat era in which Mark Twain was involved as a a pilot but not without personal grievous loss.