Evan Green-Hughes

Location: Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
About the Speaker...

Evan Green-Hughes is an experienced professional with extensive specialist knowledge of the heritage, entertainment and railway sectors.
During a working life of more than 40 years he has blown up factories, presented news bulletins, written books, managed companies and instructed others on everything from driving trains to making rain.
Evan now spends his time writing on transport subjects, managing complex heritage restoration projects and working as a consultant.
In his spare time he is Chairman of a heritage railway charity, a senior member of heritage railway operational staff and a train driver.

About his talks...

Specific details are listed below along with each of the talks.


Daytime or early evening talks (Start times up to 20.00hrs) £75 + VAT: Later Evening Talks/ Dinner engagements £150 + VAT:
Above includes all travel/expenses within a radius of 40 miles – within range are Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, etc.
Mileage over 40 miles charged at 0.42p per mile (each way): Evening Engagements over 120 miles travel, overnight allowance of £55.

My Contact Details:

07836 674360


1.EGH Sp FX Talk320x220

In a working life of over 30 years in Film and Television Special effects the speaker has blown up buildings, shot people, made it rain, produced fog and engaged in total warfare.
James Mason, Bing Crosby, Robson Green, Norman Wisdom, Richard Harris, David Jason and many others have been on the receiving end of his special effects, sometimes not quite with the results which were intended.
This hilarious presentation recounts how we came to take snow to Switzerland, why New York was relocated to Liverpool, why a lion did its business on top of a van and why a page three girl chose a particular moment to tell the world she was a lesbian.
Duration 45 Minutes/60 minutes/75 minutes
Normally without illustration but some longer versions do use supporting visuals.


2.EGH Bog Box Talk

Derided by the boy spotters of the 1950s and 60s Diesel Multiple Units have in recent years attracted a cult following amongst enthusiasts.
This talk looks at the development of this type of train and the political struggles within the railways during their introduction. Little-known facts concerning their gestation are revealed and the trials and tribulations of introducing these trains onto a steam era railway are explained.
A largely ignored part of railway history is covered with enthusiasm, largely drawing on unique research undertaken for the speaker’s book, “Lightweight DMUs”, published in 2012.
Duration approx 60 mins.
Some supporting illustrations.
All equipment supplied.


Family History 640x480

This light-hearted talk takes listeners through the history of fire fighting, from Roman times, through the Great Fire of London, to modern days with particular reference to the people and personalities involved.
Using copious illustrations the talk demonstrates how those researching family history can find out how their ancestors may have been touched by fire fighting whether they were church wardens, factory workers, criminals, members of high society or even the writers of Victorian musicals.
For those whose ancestors were in the fire brigade there are also hints and tips as to how to find out more about their service life.
Duration, approx 60 mins.
Has supporting visual presentation.
Computer, projector and screen supplied.

Evan Green-Hughes Contact Details:

07836 674360