Eve Regelous

Location: Witham, Essex
About me...

At the age of 14, when I attended Pitman’s College in London training to be a proper Secretary, public speaking was one of the lessons I was required to attend. Although I passed both the Elementary and Advanced Grades with flying colours, it was a subject I loathed. Even many years later, when I presented the Events Diaries for BBC Essex, I never imagined public speaking would be something I would not only love doing but that I could do it for a living. I had a busy career in the Entertainment Industry as a Theatrical Agent and Event Organiser and was very happy.
In 2007, problems in the banking industry meant that a lot of the corporate work I did suddenly stopped, financial institutions weren’t laying on lavish events and although I still had lots of other retail sector and private clients, it was obvious I needed to think about a second income stream.
Then a friend suggested that I could talk about my work with celebrities, my brief but former sojourn into the world of magic and an idea was born. So, here I am! With now almost a decade of experience.

About my talks...

I am fully self-contained with no need for lots of technical equipment. I bring colourful pop up banners which encourage members of groups to come and talk to me afterwards and some of the talks have props or free giveaways. I have my own radio microphone which can fit in your PA system or, if required, I can bring a compact system and a willing husband to set it up and roadie for me. So, from your end, I just need a reasonable sized table and access to a plug socket.

My aim is for audiences to go away, maybe having learned a bit about something they didn’t know, listened to a light-hearted talk and laughed a lot too.


WI’s, TWG’s, Probus, Church groups, Friendship clubs  from £70 plus travel @ 40p per mile (don’t be afraid to call if you have a smaller than average group, I may be able to negotiate a little discount)

U3A’s and other larger groups £100 plus travel @ 40p per mile

For very large group meetings or conferences, please call to discuss your requirements

Please note I am only accepting engagements where payment is made either in cash or by cheque on the day.

Areas: I will travel to Essex and Suffolk all year round and possibly Norfolk during the summer months.

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"The Magic of the Musicals"

Public Speaker Eve Regelous  talks about The Magic of the Musicals

It is said “there’s no business like show business” and there are few people better qualified to speak about The Magic of the musicals than Eve Regelous. From the age of four, she has been involved in all types of entertainment but has always had a real affinity with musical theatre. She appeared in Pantomime with Arthur Askey, auditioned for parts in West End Musicals including Oliver and the Sound of Music, sang at the Royal Albert Hall and danced on the stage of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Eve shares her thoughts on the progression of musical theatre and recalls, with great enthusiasm, numerous anecdotes about
some of the shows and their cast members.

“A Year In the Life”

Talk by Public Speaker Eve Regelous - A Day in the Life of......

A light hearted talk, full of glitz and glamour, about booking and working with numerous celebrities such as James Martin, Tamzin Outhwaite, Peter Andre, Denise Van Outen and Jamie Oliver to name but a small selection. Eve gives an “exclusive” behind the scenes look at some of the major events she has organised and some of the highs and lows of the job she loves.

“Everything Stops for Tea”


Whether taken in the splendour of the Ritz, the warmth of a country tea room at a humble beach front café or at home in front of a roaring fire, tea still comes out top as Britain’s favourite beverage. Tea has been the subject of song, poetry and art and Eve shares something of each, together with some humour, recipes and her “Afternoon Tea” experiences. This comes with a free giveaway leaflet and a flower arrangement in a tea cup for a raffle or gift

“The History of Harrods”

3. 320x240

Professional event organiser, Eve, worked closely with Harrods for almost a decade and gives her unique insight into this world famous company. She talk about the store’s history from its foundation to the recent take-over. Also included is a glimpse behind the scenes of day-to-day life there as it unfolds for both staff and customers. Large table required to dsplay props and books

"Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"


Eve Regelous brings another of her fun-filled talks but this time about a subject many of us either love or dread

As the sound of Christmas music enters our shops, endless lists of things to do and things to buy pop into our heads, it’s time to reflect on the good and bad of the Christmas Season.   With music, glitter and a cracker or two plus some traditions from around the world, this talk is bound to be entertaining.

From Sofa to Stadium - The Life and Times of a Retired Greyhound.

Talk by Eve Regulous Public Speaker - From Stadium to Sofa

Over 8000 greyhounds leave the racing industry every year and the Retired Greyhound Trust regularly rehomes approximately 4000 of these amazing dogs. Eve’s talk covers the history of the hounds, the rehoming process and more about how all of us can help to get more of these 45-mile-an-hour couch potatoes new loving home.   A non-obligatory collection box is available at the end of the talk as well as sponsor forms and a list of RGT branches in East Anglia.

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