Geoff Barton

Location: Piccadilly, Manchester
About Dr Geoff Barton...

I am a retired senior Scotland Yard Detective, with experience of managing some of the largest terrorist and firearms incidents in London and investigating serial killers, murders and armed robberies. I have arrested a member of the British Royal Family, a member of the British Cabinet and a Four Star British General in Aldershot Barracks. I have twice used squads of armed officers to take over Foreign Embassies in London. I have been involved in 250 gun battles with armed criminals and 500 incidents where the criminals claimed to be armed. I have justified my actions to several Coroners and Police Commissioners. I have worked an average of 120 hours a week for six months whilst investigating major crime.

I have received more than 200 complaints during my career, including one made by a Member of the Royal Family, one made by a Cabinet Minister and one from Michael Jackson. None have ever been proved and one Detective Chief Superintendent was advised by a senior officer to resign and one Detective Chief Superintendent was transferred, both on the day that they recommended disciplinary action against me. Most police officers nickname me “Legend”, but Sir Peter Imbert used to call me “Killer” for an unimaginative reason.

I have now written forty books on True Crime, Biography, Sports Science, Sports Medicine, Sports Coaching, Criminology, etc.


About my Talks...

Each talk lasts 45 minutes and is supported with a Powerpoint presentation. I provide my own state-of-the-art laptop and data projector. I am happy to answer questions after each talk.


My fee is £100.00 plus 32p per mile travel expenses.  I have three bases and so I am happy to cover a distance of 50 miles from each of these bases –  London Euston; Manchester Piccadilly or Edinburgh Waverley Stations.

My Contact Details:

07768 727205

Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton talks about Kieran Patrick Kelly - The London Underground Killer.

The London Underground Serial Killer

Kieran Patrick KELLY was the UK’s most prolific serial killer until Dr Harold Shipman took over. He admitted killing forty one people and this has been accepted as accurate by Police. I met Kelly ten minutes before he killed his final victim and spent a year living with him, getting to know him and understand him. I then investigated his crimes and secured his conviction and imprisonment until he died in prison.

Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton talks about Living With Serial Killers

Living With Serial Killers

In my career, I investigated eight serial killers, more than any other detective. Getting to know them, investigating their crimes, talking to them and to their associates, investigating their lives, I got to know them as nobody else has done, before or since.

Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton talks about Harry Roberts and the Shepherds Bush Massacre

Harry Roberts and the Shepherds Bush Massacre

Two weeks after England won the football World Cup, three miles down the road, in the shadow of the infamous Wormwood Scrubs gaol, Harry Roberts was stopped by three Scotland Yard detectives attempting to free the most infamous British spy, George Blake, who had been sentenced to 42 years for being responsible for the death of 42 spies. Roberts shot the three detectives in their eyes and killed them in front of nearly as hundred primary school children who were playing football nearby.

Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton talks about  The Great Train Robbery & the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad

The Great Train Robbery and the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad

The Great Train Robbery was described as “The Crime of the Century”. The men who perpetrated the crime wrote several books and assisted others to write books and make films about them. The best detectives in the country were selected to catch them and this is shown by the fact that they were all Sergeants at the time of the robbery but all achieved the rank of Assistant Chief Constable or Detective Chief Superintendent by the time that they retired. These detectives showed their appreciation of this book by asking me to write their obituaries for The Times.

Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton talks about The History of the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad.jpg

The History of the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad

After every war there is a crime wave. Men who have been let down by their wives, their employers and their friends fall back on the violence and dishonesty that they learned in battle. After the First World War, the Metropolitan Police formed the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad to deal with this problem. The Squad has dealt with some of the most serious crimes in history, such as the Great Train Robbery, the Brinks Mat Robbery, the Knightsbridge Safety Deposit Job, The Millennium Dome Diamond Robbery, the Hatton Garden Heist.

Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton talks about "Breakfast is the only meal regularly served in Royal Households".

Diplomatic London; the Court of St James

Around the time of the First World War, the United Kingdom controlled roughly a quarter of the earth’s land mass and a quarter of the world’s population. Although this has diminished greatly since that time, the U.K. still values its relationship with the rest of the world and works hard to maintain the best diplomatic relations possible with each and every country in the world. Occasionally, problems arise and action is required. I have twice taken over foreign diplomatic premises in London, the only person to have done so. On each occasion I have had to justify my actions to the Foreign Secretary without delay.

Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton talks about Drug Abuse in Sport

Drug Abuse in Sport

I am a former international weightlifter, powerlifter, shot putter and discus thrower. I am a former bodyguard to the Queen and four British Prime Ministers. The President of the International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency decided to use these skills by employing me as a Doping Control Officer. Since 1981, I have been sent around the world to perform some of the most sensitive anti-doping operations and to meet with Heads of State, government ministers and sports chiefs to resolve doping problems.

Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton talks about The Tottenham Outrage and the Walthamstow Tram Chase.

The Tottenham Outrage and Walthamstow Tram Chase

On Saturday 23 January 1909, two Russians carried out a wages snatch at the Schnurrmann Rubbery factory in Tottenham. They fire six shots at the driver of the car making the delivery. This alerted the people next door, Tottenham Police, who jumped out of bed and abseiled out on the windows to give chase in their pyjamas. Having not used them for a while, they were unable to find the keys to the gun cupboard, so the PCs were issued with cutlasses instead. One thousand local residents joined the chase and four hundred of them, having served in the Army, brought their own guns with them, including three tripod based machine guns. The chase lasted six miles and four hours and over 1,000 bullets were fired. Four people were killed and twenty five shot during the chase. It’s a great story!

Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton talks about The Iranian Embassy Siege.

The Iranian Embassy Siege

In 1979 nobody wanted to talk about the siege. Now the participants are all granddads and want to tell their grandchildren what really happened. I was on the Diplomatic Protection Group with my friend, PC Trevor Lock at the time. Whilst writing my book, I have been approached by policemen, intelligence officers and SAS sappers, even Iranian Security.

Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton talks about The Libyan Embassy Siege.

The Libyan Embassy Siege

Earlier this year I permitted my book on the siege to be used to assist the Police Federation to instigate proceedings in the High Court for a Judicial Review of the decision made by Theresa May and Amber Rudd, not to prosecute the killer(s) of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. The government was sufficiently concerned that they introduced new legislation that prevented those bringing the case from appointing their own counsel, instructing their own counsel or even attending court for the hearing. I was on the Diplomatic Protection Group at the time.

Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton talks about the Royal Family and their duties in his talk "Breakfast is the only meal regularly served in Royal Households....."

Breakfast is the Only Meal Regularly Served in Royal Households.....

Each member of the Royal Family can visit up to six Embassies, Institutes or Businesses for lunch, and another six for dinner. There's Revolution Day at one embassy, a Royal Birthday at another, the anniversary of the founding of an Institute and launch of a new product by a business.

A sip of red or white white, a canape, a few polite words and a photo opportunity and on to the next. Start at 11.30a.m. and finish at 2.30p.m. A nap in the afternoon and start again at 5.30p.m. and finish at 8.30p.m.

If the wine is not quite up to standard, the glass might be just as full when the VIP leaves as when he or she arrived. It's very simple to spit the wine back into the glass if you don't like it. A little cough and the serviette goes to the VIP mouth and an unpleasant canape disappears into a pocket or a handbag.

The Duty Officer at West End Central Police Station is responsible for police officers 'sweeping' each address for bombs, checking for potential terrorists and securing convenient parking and turning up to throw up a salute, supervising the VIP entry and then moving to the next address and doing the same again and again. An occasional nod, a smile, a look, even an occasional "Good evening, Inspector" or the ultimate accolade of "Good evening Inspector Barton". Then onto the next venue...

Geoff Barton Contact Details:

07768 727205