Geoff Beer

Location: Rochester
About me...

I am available to talk to organisations such Probus, WI, Round Table, in fact to any group that wants an interesting talk that’s a bit different and  that can sometimes be a little bit provocative.I am now retired after a very interesting work history which has included Toll Road management in the UK, South Africa, and the Republic of Ireland, Information Technology implementation, and various Directorships. I gained my degree after I retired at The University of Kent at Medway.

About my talks...

All PowerPoint presentations illustrated with text, pictures and videos and last about 45 minutes.


£65.00.  I cover 50 mile radius of Rochester so that runs into Kent, East Sussex, Essex, London part of Surrey, further than 50 Miles is at 40p a mile.

My Contact Details:

Telephone: 01474823533 Mobile: 07445254165

1 Toll Roads Tunnels and Bridges, history and operation.


2 Enclaves - Kent in Essex, Worcestershire in Shropshire and Many Others.


3 The History of State Surveillance Using Technology.


The State surveillance talk concentrates on the use of technology from the 1930’s to today with emphasis on the electronic trail we leave behind us, it also touches on the phenomona known as Numbers Stations


4 A History of Lord Cardigan

4.A History of Lord Cardigan

Lord Cardigan lecture explores Cardigan the politician, Cardigan the horseman, Cardigan and dueling, Cardigan the womaniser, Cardigan the cad, Cardigan and the Crimea

5 Understanding the World


This talk is a tour through Politics, Economics, Social structures. Technology, Environmental matters, The Law, Demography, Religion, the “Arrow of Time” and a rear view mirror (!) leading to Cultural differences.

6 Shock & Upset - or The Emperor’s New Clothes


(warning this talk can ruffle a few feathers!) we examine the “Special Relationship” with the US, Britain and Europe, Foreign adventures, and the state of the British Economy.


7 An Examination of Industrial Relations in the 21st Century.


A series of interviews with Unions and Managements across the UK as part of a University Dissertation.

Geoff Beer Contact Details:

Telephone: 01474823533 Mobile: 07445254165