George Powell

Location: Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
About me...

I have had extensive experience of these subjects during my working life, starting with Hedgerow craft, Agriculture and Intensive Animal Husbandry Including working with heavy horses. I eventually started my own Tree care firm called “Cedar Point”. and have been an avid researcher of natural history and folklore. I have all my own equipment and a valuable library of classic countryside images to backup the talks. I have thoroughly enjoyed delivering them to Wildlife Trusts and Natural History groups, Gardening guilds and Archaeological society groups across several counties and have received very appreciative testimonials.

About my talks...

My talks are slide show presentations and I supply all of the equipment including a screen where necessary.My talks last between 45/50 minutes and they are supported by an extensive library of images, and is designed to stimulate, inspire, and help motivate audiences to a greater appreciation for the natural world.


My fee – by arrangement – usually around £60 if within 15 miles of Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire – I will travel anywhere in the UK or America – subject to expenses
Please telephone me to discuss this or more details about my talks

My Contact Details:

01782373533 MOBILE:07948 763427

The Green Man

A talk by Public Speaker George Powell from Staffordshire - The Green Man,

A thought provoking talk charting our relationship with the Flora and Fauna and the gods of our ancient Celtic ancestors and also those imported by Romans Saxons and Normans associated with Britain. We trace the footsteps of the image across many countries to its source and discuss the future of nature as the population doubles in size and impacts upon the landscape and our important role to act as responsible custodians of the earth.

History of the Slave Trade

Talk by Public Speaker George Powell - The History of the Slave Trade

Discusses the cultures who engaged in it, its earliest origins and the suffering of those caught and bound while being transported to the life that awaited them.
Many great English Mansions were built on the profit made from the slave trade, and we discuss how the abolitionist’s worked together to bring about its end.

Call of the Wild – The Return of Extinct Species

A talk by Public Speaker from Staffordshire George Powell = Call of the Wild
The Return of Extinct Species.

Trees – How They Affect Our Lives

Vegetarian Living.

A talk by Public Speaker George Powell - Trees
How They Affect Our Lives.
A talk by Public Speaker George Powell.

Farming – past and present.

Magnificent Ancient Trees.

A talk by Public Speaker George Powell - Farming, past and present.
A talk by Public Speaker George Powell - Magnificent Ancient Trees.

Tree Legends

Hedgerows of Britain.

A talk by Public Speaker George Powell - Tree Legends.
A talk by Public Speaker in Staffordshire George Powell - Hedgerows of Britain.