Graham Fisher

Location: Deddington Oxfordshire
About Graham Fisher...

Graham has worked in the private and public sector and has run his own business. He is currently a training consultant specialising in leadership and management. For  twenty-six years he worked for the Police before retiring as a Detective Inspector. The things Graham saw, heard, witnessed and did in his police career have given him an interesting story to tell!

About Graham Fisher's Presentation...

The presentations are power point based. Graham can provide the IT, Laptop, projector etc. but would require a screen.


£70 for a 45 minute presentation plus time for questions. I will travel up to 25 miles from Deddington in North Oxfordshire. For distances beyond that I will charge 40p per mile

My Contact Details:

07920 462450

A Policeman's Lot is Not a Happy One ....... Some of The Time.

Public Speaker Graham Fisher talks about 'A Policeman's Loy is Not A Happy One........ Some of The Time'

This light-hearted talk takes you through the highs and lows of a long career in the police service. What is it really like being a police officer? Is it all glamorous, fast cars, flashing lights and feeling the collars of hardened criminals? Is it a seedy world of drugs, violence and vice? Is it like The Sweeney or Inspector Morse? Let Graham take you through his career in order to answer some of these questions and more.

When Royalty Came to Visit - if Only the Public Knew!!

Public Speaker Graham Fisher speaks about When Royalty Came to Stay

Many times when Graham worked in Salisbury the royal family came visiting. To the public everything worked like clockwork and the whole arrangement looked like a well-oiled machine. The reality behind the scenes could sometimes be very different!

Let Graham tell you what really happened and let him explain how he delayed one visit by causing a multi-vehicle accident!


When Every Child Went 'Scrumping Apples' and the Local Bobby Clipped Him Round The Ear.

Public Speaker Graham Fisher talks about Policing Over the Years.

If every adult of a certain age is telling the truth when he boasts that as a child he got caught by the Local Bobby scrumping apples,  it is amazing that there are any apples left!
Did the Local Bobby really clip him round the ear and then, when he  admitted his errant behaviour to his parents,  did his dad give him another clip to endorse the policeman’s message?  Graham looks at the perception of how policing used to be compared to the reality. He explores how history has seen the method of policing and the public perception of it change throughout the years.