Harry Pope

Location: Eastbourne
About The Speaker...

The first talk was quite a few years ago. My wife Pam was in the audience. At the end, she had two criticisms. 1. Stop playing with the change in your pocket. 2. Stop saying ‘erm’ so often. As a wise husband, I listened, acted, and now do neither.
I regularly appear on the Allison Ferns Show on BBC Radio Sussex, Surrey and East Hampshire reviewing the newspapers live on air. I have written five books, including one for children about a Brick Monster.

About my talks...

No aids required. It’s just me turning up and I reply on my lively and humorous delivery to keep the audience from nodding off. What’s the secret of being a good public speaker? Make eye contact with everyone, make them realise you are talking to them, alone.


£45, plus £10 – £30 travelling, depending on location.

My Contact Details:

01323 734107 MOBILE: 07910 697401

‘Buried Secrets’

1. Buried Secrets - talk by Harry Pope

Harry started at the bottom, literally, falling into the grave only a few weeks into his new job as a funeral assistant – with the coffin lodged on him. Proceedings stopped as family, clergy and colleagues were unable to aid his predicament through laughing so much. His future career took him through numerous phases until he worked for the prestigious London firm making arrangements for the higher echelons of society. Harry worked with embassies, the famous, the bizarre, his talk tactfully taking you behind the scenes. Nothing insensitive, as the feedback from various W.I.’s will testify.

‘How Not to Run a Hotel’.

2. How Not To Run An Hotel - talk by Harry Pope

Harry came to Eastbourne to initially own a B&B, then a 28 bedroom hotel. This tale takes you through each disastrous phase, from his Californian ‘friend’ suggesting they enter business together, to the general manager earning her nickname of ‘Moaner’, to the parting of the ways. In the meantime, you hear about the vagaries of demanding guests, employing staff, and finding a pigeon’s nest in a room minutes before a guest was due to check in. What was the housekeeping doing to earn her money?

‘What’s It Worth’

3. What's it Worth - talk by Harry Pope

Harry has dealt in antiques/collectables for many years, and brings six items along for you to guess the value. No-one ever gets more than four correct. He takes you through his knowledge, what is right and wrong at auctions, where to obtain the best valuations, e-bay, and behind the scenes at some of the popular antique shows on t.v. He gives examples of some of the best deals he has had, and also some of the clunkers – when Pam told him not to buy but he went ahead in any case. Always listen to the wife.

‘Eastbourne History’

4.Eastbourne History - talk by Harry Pope

Harry is Eastbourne’s only licensed sight-seeing guide, and 2016 is his fifth year. Which house is still haunted by the ghost of Sandy Powell? What is the background to the infamous 1956 trial of an Eastbourne doctor accused of murdering his patients? Whatever is going on with Eastbourne’s iconic pier? No, it’s not just dates and boring facts, it is also what has occurred behind the scenes. Anecdotes, rumours, scandal, listen and be fascinated.

'The Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne'

5. The Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne talk by Harry Pope

What was it like to be in the audience on opening night, 2nd August, 1883? The foul body odour, the gas lamps, the 1,500 patrons crammed into the three tiers, poor people consigned to the very top, throwing their detritus onto those below, the 60 waiters running everywhere with refreshments. Why were six lions in a cage on the stage for a whole week in 1904? Where is Harry Houdini’s trap door? Who are the worst and best ‘stars’  to appear? Harry is an official theatre guide, so brings the theatre alive.

Harry Pope Contact Details:

01323 734107 MOBILE: 07910 697401