Hazel Griffiths

Location: Nantwich Cheshire
About me...

Usually found at sea, speaking on cruise ships, where I specialise in Destination Talks. These tell passengers about the history, geography and culture of the Ports they are visiting, the best things to see and any hidden gems.
I am also available for land-based groups. I am happy to step in at short notice should you find yourself with a last minute gap when another speaker drops out.
I can be booked in advance on the understanding that the booking is not confirmed until nearer the time, in case I get called to sea. In reality, I can be 95% sure of fulfilling my commitments, just like any other speaker.

About my talks...

Talks are illustrated by high quality photographs, taken by myself, and presented by PowerPoint. All equipment is provided by me.


Fee is £50 for venues within ten miles of my home address in Nantwich, Cheshire – CW5.   For venues further afield, travelling expenses apply at 40p a mile (return journey to Nantwich in Cheshire).
A lower fee may be negotiated for smaller groups.

My Contact Details:

07721 381 205

South American Journey – a voyage to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina

A talk by Public Speaker Hazel Griffiths - South American Journey

South America – a voyage by sea from a cold UK to South America in the height of their summer. With ports in Brazil. Uruguay and Argentina, this became an epic journey, with highs and lows. Rio Carnival was an event that would prove to be unforgettable.

Santa Evita – the Life and Legacy of Eva Peron

A talk by Public Speaker Hazel Griffiths - Santa Evita - the Life and Legacy of Eva Peron

Eva Peron – from the poorest of starts in life, Eva Peron became one of the world’s most famous women in the 20th century. This talk explores the real story not the film version – sometimes the truth is more interesting than fiction!


The Motion of the Ocean

Motion of the Ocean

This is the story of how I became a cruise ship speaker and my life at sea (about 50 minutes)

Fire and Ice


Join me on a cruise to Greenland and Iceland (about 40 minutes)

Arctic Adventurers


The Race to the North Pole     (40 minutes)

FRIDTJOF NANSEN - Courage and Compassion  

Nansen. 640x480

Most people have never heard of this Norwegian, but he lived a full and amazing life. It is a story you will never forget

(about 40 minutes)

Hazel Griffiths Contact Details:

07721 381 205