Equipment Insurance

Public Speaker in Hampshire, Dianne Mannering

Unless you are a ‘stand alone’ speaker you will have amassed quite a bit of equipment in connection with your talks, lap-top, projector, speakers, mic, screen etc. – possibly something in the region of £1000 to £1500. This equipment is on the move quite a bit, in and out of your car, in and out of the venues where, sometimes, there are lots of people milling about. It is exactly the sort of scenario where accidents can happen, a cup of tea or a glass of wine can get spilt into the laptop, or someone may knock against your projector stand…..

It is possible that your home insurers will extend the contents section of your policy to give you accidental damage cover for the equipment used in connection with your business as a public speaker – but some companies won’t – especially if you have taken out a policy for ‘over sixties’ at a reduced premium. If you can persuade your insurers to arrange this cover as an ‘add on’ to your policy it is by far the cheapest option. If not, then you’ll need to consider arranging your home insurance policy with a different insurer who is more sympathetic to your requirements because you are unlikely to find and Insurance Company who will arrange an Accidental Damage policy for such a few items with such a small sum insured as £1,000/£1,500. Or, click through to my page on Public Liability Insurance where cover for both liability and accidental damage to equipment can be arranged on one policy.

I was an Insurance Broker before I took early retirement and my company, Pennington Insurance Brokers can provide the cover you require.  One of our directors, Simon Etchells  negotiated with an insurance underwriter to be able to offer Public Speakers insurance cover for Accidental Damage to Equipment and also Public Liability. If you’d like to speak to Simon about your insurance requirements telephone: 0121 557 6728 or visit the Pennington Insurance Brokers website.