Public Liability Insurance

Even if you are prepared to wing it as far as insurance on your equipment is concerned, you really should think very seriously before turning your back on Public Liability Insurance.

Although normally speaking venues are modern and well maintained nowadays –  occasionally we Public Speakers can find ourselves in some pretty hairy buildings where health and safety don’t appear to have been much adhered to.  If there’s an accident – someone trips and accuses you of causing this because you left your projector bag on the floor and he/she didn’t notice it…. there could be an unpleasant claim for damages.

I was an Insurance Broker before I took early retirement and my company, Pennington Insurance Brokers can provide the cover you require. One of our directors, Simon Etchells negotiated with an insurance underwriter to be able to offer Public Speakers insurance cover for Public Liability and also Accidental Damage to Equipment. If you’d like to speak to Simon about your insurance requirements telephone: 0121 557 6728 or visit the Pennington Insurance Brokers website.