Ian Maber

Location: Barrowby, Licolnshire
About Ian Maber -The Teller of Tales...

Ian Maber – Cert Ed. , B.A. , M.A. ,  Dip. A.D. , Professor Emeritus University of Evansville Indiana USA

After teaching for over 20 years and travelling the world, working with many high profile companies in technology and the entertainment industry for a further 12 years, I have now decided to take an early retirement and relax a little more.
During my career I have been involved with some of the most well know names in entertainment and high end technology inc -Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, BBC. Apple, Microsoft and Intel.
I was the co-creator of a multi award winning software -nominated for a BAFTA.
Having worked in over 43 countries and lived in several including India, Canada and the U.S. I have always been interested in storytelling and presenting. I love to create worlds of imagination and take the audience on a journey, so they can become immersed in the story.
I have written several short stories, poems, novels and even a script (even thought that was hard work!) and have also been working on an animated film for children’s TV.
My life and times have featured on the ‘Real Lives’ program on BBC radio.

About my talks...

Having listened to a number of speakers throughout my life, many of whom were quite traditional, I felt that it would be very entertaining to take this whole concept and turn it upside down.
My presentations include animation, sound, and humorous tales all designed to keep the audience captivated and laughing as they experience the world of The Teller of Tales.

Each Talk Topics is a combination of storytelling and old fashioned stand-up comedy.
Many follow the exploits and adventures of an individual as he deals with life’s ups and downs, whilst others focus on a specific topics looking at the more humorous side of life.

All the presentations are ideal for old and young alike, and each comes with supporting visuals and effects.
Although each presentation is based around Powerpoint, this experience is far more advanced than just point and click. They include sound, animation, special effects and much more.

All equipment is provided.

I’m sure you will be captivated, entertained and leave your event laughing all the way home.Hilandian@outlook.com



£40  per presentation (including quiz events), plus travel expenses at 30p per mile beyond a 30 mile round trip from my home in Barrowby, Nr Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Example:       A venue 30 miles away would be a 60 miles round trip.  With the first 30 miles included in the fee, you would pay for  only 30 miles at 30p per mile = £9





My Contact Details:

07432 075003

Featured Talk - new in 2016

Take Two.....

A talk by Public Speaker Ian Maber - Take Two

This presentation is a view into the magical world of animated feature films.

It explains how they are devised, developed, created, and highlights the importance of captivating the audience with humour, action, style and a good story.

Having worked for many years with some the most famous companies in the industry. This highly visual presentation explains how a film starts from a concept, through to the big screen

It is ideal for schools and colleges.


* £25 for educational institutions




This is a nostalgic look at the trials and tribulations as a youngster growing up in the back to back houses of the 1960’s. Based on my real life story, it brings many happy memories and humorous situations to life.
From the bizarre ‘get rich quick schemes’ to the wit and humour of everyday life.   The visuals enhance the stories immerse the audience in this crazy but harsh world.  Like all talks the humour is never ending. (45mins)



2.Ian Maner320x240

Living and working in India is an experience in itself. From travel to dining, language to shopping each brought its own unique problems. There are numerous zany and almost unbelievable situations that I found myself in, many of which forms the basis of this presentation. It is a light-hearted look at life through the eyes of a westerner who finds himself instantly accepted and embedded in a peculiar and somewhat mystifying culture. (45mins)


3.Ian Maber.320x240

In my career I have travelled and worked in more than 43 countries.
Each culture brings its own unique set of problems, and each country a new experience.  I have gathered together many of these humorous events and they form the basis of this presentation.
From the bizarre to downright ridiculous, this fully illustrated talk will leave you laughing from the beginning until the end. Every letter of the alphabet is illustrated, and carries its own unique tale as I journey across the globe on a 30 year adventure.

What audiences say about my talks....

Thank you for an enjoyable presentation, had good feedback from members. …you did leave them wanting more. I shall be putting together a list of possible speakers to the committee, for next year’s programme ( starts May 2016). Your name will be on it Granby and Sutton W.I.

I just want to say how much the ladies of Grantham Ladies Probus enjoyed your talk entitled “Only in India”. It made me thankful that our summer temperatures never reach over 40C, and that we can travel safely on most of our roads and railways!!
Not only did you give us an interesting insight into your time there, but you certainly made us laugh.
We had a lovely afternoon and would like you to entertain us again please.
Grantham Ladies Probus