How to manage a Zoom presentation for your club (Under construction 7.1.21)

Public speaker and entertainer in Derbyshire Phil Rylance .

Hi, I'm Phyl Rylance, a public speaker here on Dianne's website. I have a huge technical fascination and Dianne was delighted when I offered to teach her how to Zoom. Recently, she found out from the Bookings Secretaries that many of the clubs wanted to provide their members with Zoom talks, but no-one on the committee had the slightest idea how to do it. She approached me, and asked if I could help. I am very happy to do so and I have designed a short course that will get your club zooming with confidence.

Contact details: Phil Rylance email: Tel: 01246 591134


A specially designed Zoom School program for Bookings Secretaries and committee members

1. Learn from home using your own computer.
2. Learn how to put Zoom onto your computer.
3. Learn how to host a meeting and join a meeting.

We will have two half hour zoom meetings:-
First meeting: This will take the form of question, answer and help. I will send you a link to let you into my meeting so that you can see how it all works. Then I will explain how to host your own meeting
Second meeting: This time you will act as the host and I will join your meeting to give more help and “hand – holding”.

My telephone is available at all times for you to call and chat or ask about anything you would like to know about.
This all starts by you sending me your email address and/or your phone number to have a chat and start the ball rolling! It’s all easy. Don’t worry about a thing.

We need your fee here Phil. I Will you deal with them as far as payment is concerned once they have booked the course with you. We need to let them know when payment will be required.
Also, in the blurb above, are you going to allow two members to join a meeting, I think it will be a very good idea, these ladies are really out of their comfort zone and to have a friend there zooming along side them (in their own house though) will make them feel less of an idiot.

Contact details: Phil Rylance email: Tel: 01246 591134