Jerry Pearlman

Location: Leeds, Yorkshire
About me...

I am a solicitor with wide interests and given lectures on cruises on a variety of subjects all with a ‘legal flavour’.

About my talks...

My talks are powerpoint presentations.

I have two charging rates.
My standard is £100 plus expenses [the later to be agreed depending on location]
For registered charities my fee is £50 plus £10 expenses if more than 20 miles from Leeds.
I am prepared to travel to Durham, East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.
My Contact Details:

0113 2671114

My Talks

1. Some Environmental Legal Nutcases

This is my ‘lead’ lecture telling the story of three unusual individuals who used the law and history to win environmental victories. It is quite funny and always well received.
2. Come to my Coronation : a look at an African Kingdom

The story of my involvement in the battle for land in Uganda just before Independence including a case before a Privy Council Commission: with an explanation of the tribal history and subsequently my invitation the coronation of the new king.
3. The Fight for the Right to Roam and What it Now Means For You

The story of the fight for the Right to Roam, telling the story of the mass trespasses of the 1930s and the excitement of being involved in seeing the legislative process in action; including an introduction to what we have achieved.
4. Rights of Way Explained

History, law and explanations of our public rights of way network and some surprising and intriguing facets
5. Our National Parks: the Jewels in the Crown

The history, and legal and policy issues about our National Parks with a passing glance at each of them.