Joe Broughton

Location: Southampton Hampshire
About me...

I am a Law student at Southampton University.

About my Talk...

I do not require any screens or visual aids, as I am a stand alone speaker and very much enjoy engaging fully with the audience and making my talks, which are I hope somewhat educational, as dynamic and engaging as possible. Happy to address large groups (audiences of more than 30 people), and am particularly interested in addressing universities, corporate organisations and mental health charities/ volunteer organisations.


My fee, to include reasonable travel costs, will be £50.00 for social groups and £70 for business organisations, universities, colleges and other large institutions.

I am willing to travel up to 30 miles from my Southampton base.  My fee includes a 30 minute talk, followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A session, where the audience can raise questions with me and I can do my best to answer them! If you are a large organisation, like a university or corporate organisation, contact me to discuss my fee in more detail, as raising awareness and understanding of the two conditions is of greater importance to me than making profit.

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Boys Don't Cry

Public Speaker Joe Broughton speaks about male mental issues.

I am interested in raising awareness of, and challenging media stereotypes, about male mental health and depression. In particular, my talks focus around the extent to which men, especially younger men, are being increasingly affected by depression and body dysmorphia as a result of the media representation of the perfect man.  The stigma of mental health, especially amongst men, is still rife, and I hope to reduce some of this stigma and ignorance through giving candid and informative lectures on this vitally important yet underrepresented issue.

We Are All Different

Public Speaker Joe Broughton talks about  Asperger’s Syndrome and autism - We Are All Different

Asperger’s Syndrome is a much misunderstood condition.  Drawing on close experiences, personally and professionally, I am eager to raise awareness and understanding of this condition.  My focus is on addressing some of the misconceptions about the condition and drawing attention also to many of the barriers those on the spectrum face, with a particular emphasis on the education and employment aspects.  Increased awareness, understanding and acceptance, can only be achieved through education.  I am keen to draw on my own personal experiences and knowledge base to further this goal of greater acceptance and understanding of the condition in all its many dimensions

Left Versus Right? Right Versus Wrong?

The political scene today is one characterised by division and discord. The momentous Brexit vote in 2016, coupled with the election of a far-right wing candidate to the American Presidency,  demonstrates clearly how today the old divions of left and right have been reopened and are becoming ever wider.

It is my contention however that politics today needs to be less concerned with outdated ideologies and more concerned with developing practical solutions to everyday problems facing the electorate.  My talks focus on the feelings that are the impetus for the current political climate, discussing what if anything can be done to alter the political discourse. The talks touch on: what are the key drivers of this populism leftist and rightist;  why, in most recent elections, has the Third Way or centre ground been so categorically rejected, and what can be done practically to provide practical, unideological solutions to the difficulties facing the country. I am keen to engage younger people with political issues, so these talks would be more appropriate for universities and colleges.  I am likewise however equally comfortable addressing businesses and large interest groups on these matters, as the impact of these events has profound implications for business and the economy also.



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