John Coulthurst

Location: Leeds
About me...

I have been a member of the Red Cross for 22 years, as both staff and a volunteer. I am very passionate about the work of the Red Cross across the UK and abroad.

My roles in the British Red Cross have been as a First Aid Commercial trainer and a Manager of Volunteers. My current role covers fundraising and gifts in wills.


About my Talks...

I can offer talks in the evenings as well as day time.


I do not charge a fee but a donation to the work of the Red Cross would be much appreciated. Petrol fee is also not necessary but if you wish to give this, I will put it as a donation to the charity. I am prepared to travel within the Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Durham

My Contact Details:

01132015252 MOBILE: 07720941008

British Red Cross – ‘Across the world and around the corner’

Public Speaker John 
 Coulthurst  talks about International Humanitarian Law
How to say don't shoot me in 350 different languages.
 (New Zealand Red Cross)

I talk about the work of the Red Cross across the world and also more locally in areas of the UK – people are often surprised to find out the amount of work we do in the UK. I also cover the history of the Red Cross and how we continue to be able to enter complicated war zones such as Syria.