John Cresswell

Location: Retford, Nottinghamshire
About me...

I have worked in adult social care for 30 years, working in learning disabilities, the elderly, end of life care and dementia.
Almost all my career has been in management of some sort, ranging from team leader, care home manager to regional management.
I am now the founder and managing director of three community interest companies, all relating to older people’s services. As community interest companies we attract funding for projects such as dementia safety at home, the value of music in dementia care, therapeutic garden designs, to name a few. My work is cutting edge and holds great value. I don’t work towards research, I leave that up to the major charities. I work with the “hear and now” dealing with and managing symptoms, the interventions which can make all the difference.

My talks aren’t scary, I don’t talk about prevalence of dementia. Lots of people are touched by this, these talks are designed to help each other and furnish audiences with information and the little tips which go a long way.


About my Talks...

My talks last for 45 minutes with a 15-minute slot for the many questions.
I have all the equipment with me although a table is needed for my laptop. The talks are a mixture of power point slides, short videos and some audio interviews.
I have public liability insurance and my equipment is P.A.T tested.


My fee is £50 with no travelling expenses if you live within ten miles of my home address Doncaster

I am willing to travel 150 miles from my home with travel expenses at 0.50 pence per mile

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The Value of Music in Care

Public Speaker John Cresswell talks about The Value of Music in Care

The value of music in care – this presentation explores how powerful music can be, promoting conversation, encouraging calm, promoting memory, movement. The talk has focus on setting the environment, choosing the music etc.

Dementia Safety at Home

Public Speaker John Cresswell talks about Dementia Safety at Home

Dementia safety at home – exploring how people with dementia can stay at home as safely as possible, looking at design features, colour, furniture, nutrition, medication and many other subjects.

Activity Sensory Gardens

Public Speaker John Cresswell talks about Activity Sensory Gardens

Activity sensory gardens – this talk looks at the benefits of outdoor spaces and the therapeutic values of garden design. Exploring issues such as smell, touch and even taste in garden areas.

Giving to Charity

Donating to Charity

Giving to charity – a talk all around the benefits of giving to charity along with some of the tricks used to extract money from vulnerable people. In this talk I talk about what to ask, what to look out for and the ways to stop cold calling knocks at the door, phone calls and junk mail.

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