John Selby

Location: Yate, near Bristol
About me...

As an experienced speaker for forty or so years in both industrial training and government roles, I try to give a professional talk which a wide audience will enjoy. I can often step in at short notice.

About my talks...

The presentations are in “PowerPoint” using the latest digital projection equipment, if required I provide the full package i.e. Screen, Amplifier, and projector stand. I offer a discount if some equipment is provided at the venue.
Each talk has a duration of up to one hour , it can be tailored to fit with requirements.


My charges are based on distance to travel from my home at Yate to the venue, £45.00 for up to 15 miles radius, Distances greater than this are subject to a mileage charge of 25p per mile

Generally I cover Bristol County, Somerset, South Gloucester, Wilts and North Dorset. and I am available for meeting held in the Daytime or Evenings.
I find that many bookings are made several months ahead by speaker finders However I may be able to step in at short notice should the booked speaker not be available.

My Contact Details:

01454 318818 MOBILE: 0788 7392 468 or 0784 622 1857

A Brief History and Introduction to the World of Computers


This is not intended as a tutorial on how to use computers, it traces the development of computers through the years from the abacus until the present day, lavishly illustrated with stills and movie clips showing applications and a brief look into the future of computers and how they are now affecting the daily lives of us all.

Presented in simple straight forward language able to be understood by everyone.

Photo:  Who remembers the Model ZX81?

A Spanish Adventure- 25 Years Lliving and Working on my Farm in Spain

2.Strawberry field 270x200

A dream that many people have? Buy a place in Spain live in the sun, be self sufficient etc. etc. Sadly it remains a pipe dream for many people . I achieved it – ended up in Southern Spain more by accident than design when I had the opportunity to buy a Fruit Farm in what was then a very poor part of Spain. For twenty five years I encountered many setbacks and triumphs living in real Spain with the Spanish people, a period which was undoubtedly the best period of my life. This presentation is full of amusing anecdotes about an English man who had to learn the laid back Spanish life style very quickly !

Photo: Strawberry Fields

The Mysteries in the World of Erich von Daniken

3.Mayan Crop Circle270x200

For those of us who have enquiring minds, this presentation asks the questions and seeks to offer possible explanations for many mysteries that exist in the world. Many of these mysteries have been brought together by Erich Von Daniken – ranging from our own crop circles to mysteries of ancient Egypt and beyond, the birth of mankind perhaps, not to mention visitors from outer space, and more!. One has to make up one’s own mind – do you believe the theories?….. it’s your decision and its fascinating stuff.

Photo: Mayan Crop circle

Memories of a Young Dorset Boy during World War Two

4.sandford pottery270x200

The Second War is looming! I am four years old when it is declared and suddenly my life changes from the tranquil style I was just beginning to understand and enjoy. I am no longer to be an only child when one day the Evacuees arrive – two girls and a boy.
Although ‘our’ evacuees arrived just a little while after the war started I can still vividly recall the day these three troubled and ‘lost’ little beings arrived in my life. I can remember too, how it was when the Americans arrived.

Dorset is a lovely county and I was able to see a considerable number of places when, as an eleven year old, peace was declared – until I was sent away to school. This is a presentation with which many people will emphasise.


Code Breakers of Bletchley Park

5.Bletchly Park Main fron270x200t

This is a slightly different look at Bletchley Park and the role it played in breaking the codes used by the Germans before and during the second world war. Much has been written about the achievement at Bletchley, this presentation looks more closely at the people involved and the part these individuals played, the risks that were taken and some of the unsung heroes who are less known. Generally a serious presentation. Duration approximately 1 hour variable.

"Angel without wings"

6.Peters Picture260x290

47+ years bringing up a Downs Syndrome Son.

Bringing up my handicapped son with my wife for 48 years, was and still is a huge challenge which we were determined to take on. It has been, for the most part a complete joy.This is a light-hearted presentation with many amusing anecdotes and illustrations and it is usually followed by an interesting question session. Approximately 1 hour duration which can be modified if required.

John Selby Contact Details:

01454 318818 MOBILE: 0788 7392 468 or 0784 622 1857