Judith Burl

Location: Essex
About Judith Burl - Public Speaker and Medium

I am a stand alone speaker, no equipment, just me. Normally, a talk will last for 45/50 minutes, though this can be structured to suit your requirements. I love travelling and subject to travel expenses, I am happy to give my talks anywhere in the UK.

About her Talks...

I have only known for 5 years that I am a Medium. Before that I just believed lots of “spooky” things happened to me and that I always had a good story to tell when I met up with my friends owing to strange occurrences almost daily. I have decided to talk about the subject as it seems to me that apart from some books on the subject people in general do not really understand exactly what a Medium is experiencing.


 My fee is £60.00 plus travelling expenses from Essex, CM8 1FN For further details, please contact me:

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Discovering My Gift


I was 14 when I saw my first spirit as a full apparition. It was in our home where my Mother and Father still live. So for the past 38 years I have been experiencing things which are generally considered to be paranormal. I have lived with these experiences, accepting them as the norm. I appreciated that I was not entirely normal because the daily tales I had to tell did not seem to be being told by anyone else. It was only five years ago that the truth was finally revealed to me. This talk will explain how it felt to suddenly realise just how different I am and what occurred to prove to me just how real it all is.

Inside the Mind of a Psychic


As a rule it seems to me that Mediums do not talk very much on the subject of Psychic ability or the ability to contact spirits who have passed on. There are books available on the subject but if one goes to see a Medium working, the Medium generally will give a very short address before they begin to work but on the whole do not really explain what is going on in their mind. Therefore I decided that I would like to talk about it, what I see and how I see it, what I feel and how I feel it and so on. I have many, many stories of experiences and readings that I have done and this talk should help to bring a better understanding of exactly what a Medium or Psychic is experiencing.

Meeting Angels


What are Angels? If you had asked me this question some years ago I would have said “Well Angels as such do not actually exist, they are just another name for the spirits”. How wrong I would have been.

A series of events have led me to know that Angels are in fact beings in their own right, incredibly powerful beings and the story of how I came to know this is deep and fascinating. Of any stories that I tell, the Angel stories are by far the most moving and uplifting. I feel that my journey with the Angels is only just beginning and I firmly believe that telling these stories are part of that journey.

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