Kat Gibson

Location: Gloucester, Gloucestershire
About me...

Hello! I’m Kat, a writer, speaker and artist. I love to learn about people and culture, and have spent time living and working in a wide variety of different cultural contexts. I enjoy telling stories from my experiences abroad, and some of the strange situations I found myself in. I’ve written a number of books about some of these experiences, and like hearing other people’s stories too.

About my Talk...

I don’t need any tables, chairs or other equipment. If you’d like me to bring PowerPoint presentation then I can do so if the equipment is provided, but I usually do talks without slides. If there are more than 60 people present then I would appreciate the use of a microphone, but happy to speak loudly if a microphone is not available.


Fee: £50 plus 30p per mile if more than ten miles from my base in Gloucester.

My Contact Details:

07985 242543

Experiences of a Young Eccentric Abroad

Public Speaker from Gloucestershire presents her talk Experiences of a Young Eccentric Abroad

Just turned 18 and very naive, I took some opportunities to explore the world a little and help out where possible. An external-processing extrovert who was very keen to learn, had little common sense and was not particularly good at thinking before speaking, I believed everything I was told about the places I was to visit – and did minimal research, but was confident that I was adequately prepared and could face the world. I took only hand-luggage, and arranged to lodge with friends-of-friends in order to save on accommodation and translation. I made many mistakes, learnt many life lessons and met many amazing people with fascinating life stories. (Also wrote a book on the subject, entitled As The Sparrow Flies – available from Amazon).

Kat Gibson Contact Details:

07985 242543