Kevin Reynolds

Location: Staffordshire
About me...

I am interested in all aspects of the environment but I have particularly developed my love for bats and dragonflies. I was the Chair of Staffordshire Bat Group for ten years and was active on behalf of English Nature as a volunteer worker going in to people’s homes where roosts have been detected and reassuring them about having bats on their property. I now focus on bat PR and talking to groups to raise the profile of these much misunderstood mammals. My interest in dragonflies has been supported by one of my lifelong hobbies, photography !  I have given hundreds of talks to all sorts of groups ranging from scouts to faith groups, WI’s to Garden Guilds.

About my talks...

The talks are both powerpoint presentations lasting approximately one hour with the opportunity for questions.


All talks £50
Travelling expenses payable for journeys of more than 10 miles – sliding scale of between £5 – £20 dependent on the distance travelled.
Happy to travel within Staffordshire and to some areas of Cheshire, Black Country, Derbyshire and Shropshire.

My Contact Details:

01538 722812

Devil's Darning Needle - An Introduction to Dragonflies

The dragonfly is a Southern Hawker.

They are the essence of summer and source of beauty and inspiration . They are some of the largest insects alive today. Masters of the air and supreme predators. This powerpoint presentation describes the lifecycle of these captivating insects and uses many of Kevin’s own photographs. Approx one hour + questions.


Photo:  The dragonfly is a Southern Hawker.

Dispelling the myths - An Introduction to Bats

Photo: Brown Long-Eared Bat.

“All bats are blind!”, “Bats get tangled in your hair!” Have you heard or said these things? Find out the truth behind the myths and discover more about the fascinating world of these amazing mammals. Guaranteed to change your perceptions! PowerPoint presentation – Approx. one hour.


Photo:  Brown Long-Eared Bat.

One for Sorrow, One for Joy

Photo : We only have one species of Robin in the UK

Looking at the ‘roots’ of our perceptions of animals based on myths, superstitions, folklore…and anthropomorphism! Using our garden friends, the robin and the magpie as examples to challenge our beliefs and reactions. Will it lead to the “survival of the cutest”? PowerPoint presentation. Approx. one hour.


Photo:   We only have one species of Robin in the UK

WALK and Talk

Walking with Bats (Kevin) - May to September only

photo of a Brown Long-Eared Bat.

Bats are the real stars of the night! Listen to a brief talk about bats and their lifestyle, then go on a short walk to watch and listen to bats using bat detectors to hear their calls. A unique and memorable experience. Duration approx two hours. Start time will be dusk. Group numbers limited to no more than 30 people.

Photo:  Brown Long-Eared Bat.

Kevin Reynolds Contact Details:

01538 722812