Liz Keeley

Location: Belper, Derbyshire
About the speaker...

Liz holds degrees in both history and music, and has worked as a historical researcher and also as an instrumental music teacher. She is currently employed as a visitor guide at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. Aside from social history and music, she is a founder member of Belper Poetry People, and collector of girls’ school stories

About her talks...

With the exception of talks on a musical theme, which consist of myself plus instruments, most of my talks are based upon PowerPoint presentations, for which I need a table; a screen or blank wall for projection; and power supply. I am happy to travel within Derbyshire plus those parts of Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire which are close to the Derbyshire border, for example Eastwood, Kegworth, Uttoxeter. Also Whitchurch in Shropshire, and the surrounding area, including Nantwich, Market Drayton and Wrexham.


I charge £45, plus travel expenses for journeys of 10 miles and more.  Please see above for the specific areas in and surrounding Derbyshire where I am happy to travel.

My Contact Details:

07777 646203

Derbyshire at Sea

Public Speaker in Derbyshire Liz Keeley talks about 'Derbyshire at Sea'

Derbyshire is about as far from the coast as it is possible to be in the UK. Yet the county has many connections with the sea, some of which might be expected, and others which are less widely known. In this PowerPoint talk, I highlight a dozen or so ways in which Derbyshire is related to the sea, ranging from fossils that are millions of years old, to the Titanic, via pirates, kings and coalminers. Containing a little bit of everything, this talk is suitable for all groups, whether their primary purpose is educational or social.

Boarding schools for girls in Victorian Derbyshire

2.Victorian Boarding School

Where were they, what were they like and who went to them? Historical detective work with photos and documents

The history of the flute

Public Speaker Liz Keeley talks about The History of the Flute

With at least a dozen different instruments, and including a mini-concert.

Anne of Green Gables

Public Speaker Liz Keeley talks about Anne of Green Gables

The favourite childhood book of many women, including the Duchess of Cambridge. Who wrote it, and what happened when she became famous?

A Day in the Life of a Victorian Governess

Public Speaker Liz Keeley talks about A  Day in the Life of a Victorian Governess.

This talk could be described as “a costumed interpretation which takes you through a typical working day in the life of a nineteenth century governess, incorporating historic text books and extracts from diaries and autobiographies.” It contains some of the same material as my schools talk, but has the advantage that it involves no electrical equipment, so is suitable for awkward venues, places that have problems with insurance, or as a substitute talk that can be offered at times of equipment failure.

(this is a Stand Alone presentation)


Liz Keeley Contact Details:

07777 646203