Michael Hindley

Location: Great Harwood, Lancashire
About him...

Michael was a Member of the European Parliament from 1984 to 1999 and now freelances as a lecturer for several universities throughout Europe most recently in Perm, Russia and Varna, Bulgaria. Michael also lectures for Saga, Noble Caledonia and Cunard cruises. He presents a non-party political view to help illuminate the issues facing the UK’s future – now that we have voted Brexit!

About his talks...

Michael is a stand alone speaker, requiring only a sound system to delivery his talk.


£80 within ten miles of my home address in Great Harwood, Lancashire, further afield, travelling expenses will be required.

For small groups, local to where I live, I am prepared to discuss a reduced fee, so please contact me.



My Contact Details:

0776 8845939

Understanding Europe

Public Speaker Michael Hindley talks about Understanding Europe

In the run-up to the EU Referendum Michael gave a series of talks entitled “Europe; fact and fiction” which were widely praised for their impartiality.

The country has now voted to leave the EU, but what are the practicalities of our new relationship outside the world’s largest trading bloc ? What will our rights be as UK citizens when travelling, living and working in Europe ? and can our own “United Kingdom” remain united ?

The UK now faces several years of negotiations, so how do we “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative” .

Michael gives informative, entertaining and impartial lectures to help understand the brave new world we are entering.


The Making of the Korean Crisis

Public  Speaker Michael Hindley talks about The Making of the Korean Crisis

Michael has visited both Koreas, North & South and been a guest lecturer at Daegu University, South Korea. He has lectured for Cunard in the Far East, including Korea.

Germany and the Making of Modern Europe

Public Speaker Michael Hindley talks about 
“Germany and the making of modern Europe”

Michael graduated in German Studies from London & West Berlin Universities. He has lectured at Greifswald & Gottingen Universities & taken part in many German elections

Michael Hindley Contact Details:

0776 8845939