Mike Weatherstone

Location: Wymondham, Norfolk
About me...

I live near Wymondham, Norfolk. I am a former police officer, now a professional driver risk assessor for employers, an advanced and defensive driver trainer, a qualified cognitive behavioural therapist specialising in driving related phobia, a guest speaker on BBC Radio, advisor to TV documentary makers on driving phobia and author of “How To Successfully Treat and Overcome Driving Phobia By Yourself”. I am also a professional landscape photographer and have my own stock photo site, supplying images for publishers, magazines and companies and am the author of “Norfolk – A History Through Its Village Signs”

About my talks...

I offer talks and slideshows on several different subjects for any interested groups and have my own equipment – laptop, projector and screen, along with public liability insurance. Talks last around 45 minutes, but can be longer or shorter as required. Will travel mainly to Norfolk and Suffolk but any county on request.


My standard charge is between £50 and £90 plus VAT, depending on how much travelling time is involved, plus a mileage charge of 45p per mile to and from NR16 1EJ. Talks given outside Norfolk and Suffolk involving an overnight stay will incur accommodation expenses.

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Norfolk – A History Through Its Village Signs


My book was published in 2014.  It’s the most comprehensive book ever written about the famous and fascinating village signs of Norfolk – an art form which began on the royal estate at Sandringham around 100 years ago.  The signs, which are usually beautifully carved, tell the history of the village in pictorial form and rapidly spread to many other parts of England.
I am one of the very few people who can claim to visited all 500 villages in Norfolk, photographing and researching the history of all 450 of those with a village sign.  This was a truly epic task, involving 5,000 miles of driving, 15 months to take the photographs and several months after that to research each sign’s history.  The result is the definitive work on Norfolk’s village signs.  As a professional landscape photographer with my own image stock agency, the photographs are – as you might expect – professional quality.
Following extensive local press coverage of the project – half the front page and a double page spread inside the “Eastern Daily Press”, interest from local TV, invitations to book signings and so on, the book has topped the “Jarrolds” local best seller list for many weeks.  Local interest has resulted in many requests to give talks, contacts from local schools interested in creating their own signs and the W.I. has requested I register as a speaker.
The talk takes the form of an initial explanation of the history of our signs, a slideshow showing examples of the different types of sign you might see when travelling through our beautiful county, followed by numerous examples of some of the more interesting signs and a selection of several in the area local to the venue for added interest.  Lasts about 45 minutes plus questions and answers.  Copies of my book can be purchased at a special price.

Defensive Driving Techniques

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A comprehensive and fascinating talk and slideshow on simple but life-saving police advanced driving techniques.  Easily understood and well illustrated with slides.  Learn how to really read the road and avoid the 80% of all “accidents” which are nothing of the kind and easily avoided – if only you can read the warning signs, see how to assess bends, avoid and control skids and really anticipate danger ahead.  Presented by a former police traffic officer and professional advanced and defensive driver trainer and risk assessor, this is the same talk I deliver to national companies as part of their driver training programs.  Last about 45 minutes plus questions and answers.

Driving Phobia and How To Overcome It

3.Driving Phobia Mike Weatherstone

Driving Phobia and How To Overcome It
A talk and slideshow on the causes of driving related phobia, how to identify whether you actually do have a phobia and how to overcome it yourself with simple to learn and apply cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.  I am the only ex-police advanced and defensive driver trainer and risk assessor also qualified in CBT in the UK (both skills are needed to deal with this problem as it may not be a phobia at all) and I have helped many, many drivers to overcome their fear – almost always with just one practical “on-the-road” session.  Well illustrated with slides of practical situations, anecdotes of particular case studies.  Last about 45 minutes plus questions and answers.

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