Nicki Sly

Location: Huntingdon Cambridgeshire
About me...

I am the owner of Bramble Lodge Alpacas and have been working with these amazing animals since 2014. We run a small holding with a herd of alpacas that I do outside talks about as well as running talks and experiences here at Bramble Lodge.

About my Talk...

I use a PowerPoint demonstration alongside samples for you to pass round. I would need a 6ft table to set up my projector and laptop  and access to a power source. I also provide a microphone and speaker so that I can be clearly heard.

The samples that I bring are of raw and processed fleece, the feed we use and a few other interesting bits.

As an After Dinner entertainment, or when space is limited or the venue does not lend itself to an illustrated presentation,  I can deliver the talk using printed images.

I am happy to present the talk in schools and we can bring an animal (or more than one) with us – please contact me so that we can discuss your requirements and quote a fee.



£50.00 fee for the talk and 50p per mile charged for travel (one way)


My Contact Details:

07979 298145

All About Alpacas

Public Speaker Nicki Sly talks about Alpacas

My talk is a light-hearted look at how I ended up with alpacas, a bit about their history, what they are used for and various other aspects of the animals themselves. The talk lasts for 45 – 60 minutes with lots of time for questions and answers. I bring samples for you to pass round.

Nicki Sly Contact Details:

07979 298145