Opportunities to give your talk

1. Halesowen O5O Club - West Midlands

Halesowen College O5Os Club is putting together next year’s Speaker Program. The talks are given on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning with a six day  stint when you present your talk at 11 o clock each morning to six different groups of 050s members – average group 40 people. The venue is Halesowen in the West Midlands B62. You need to be fairly local if you are interesting in putting yourself forward for the morning talks because you have to be there in time to start at 11 o clock.  The talk duration is approximately one hour.

I gave my talks there for several years when I was living in the West Midlands – it is a modern building within the College grounds and all you need to take along is your memory stick with your talks on it, they have superb inhouse equipment for your use.

The pay is negotiable, depending on the subject matter and should include any travel expenses.

If you would be interested in presenting your talks at the Halesowen College 050s Club, please email the Community and 050s Co-Ordinatdor, Jill Hughes and direct her to your page on my website: jhughes@halesowen.ac.uk

Jill is also available 8.30 to 5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays Tel: 0121 602 7769

You don’t have to be on my website to contact Jill about your talks, she is very keen to put together an interesting and varied program for the members of the Halesowen 050 Clubs – so if you think you fit the bill then send her an email.

3. Do you have a Christmas Talk?

I am the treasurer for Woodford W.I in Cheshire and I am looking for a speaker/entertainer with a Christmas theme for our Christmas party/meal at the Deanwater Hotel in Woodford on 5th December in the evening.
We would need someone fairly local who is humorous and entertaining for about an hour and who is preferably a standalone speaker.
We are prepared to pay around £150+

Please email me if you feel you can offer a suitable program –    susan.hyslop@ntlworld.com

Susan Hyslop – treasurer

4. Ambrose HarcourtPR is looking for Motivational Speakers - Hove, East Sussex

Ambrose Harcourt is in need of motivational speakers and the subjects he is interested in at the moment are:-

fashion, health, business, sports, authors etc..

His business is based in Hove, East Sussex.  Contact phone 01273 206111

email : ambrose@ambroseharcourtpr.co.uk


Does anyone want some free audio equipment?

I have some audio equipment that I no longer use. There’s a speaker (small and very portable) complete with hand held mic. There’s also some wireless amplification stuff that I bought three years ago and never got round to using – the technology defeated me, it all looked very simple when the fellow in Maplins showed me how to use it, but my technological abilities failed entirely when I tried to set it up at a talk venue. So, if any speaker living anywhere near Alton in Hampshire wants to come and collect this stuff, I’ll be happy for them to make use of it. Email me for more info or to arrange to collect.