Pamela McLellan

Location: Eastbourne East Sussex
About The Speaker...

I am 71 years old and love adventures. In 1960 we bought a hardware shop in Crawley which slowly expended to include a model railway section as well. Then I had my own manufacturing business, making kits for Model Railways, which I started from scratch in 1970 and which is still going strong (now being run by my son). The talks cover the next parts of my life, and now I live in Polegate near Eastbourne with a still very busy life (just the way I like it).

About The Talk...

We have our own laptop, projector and a screen if necessary. We also have our own amp and mic.  We require just 2 power point sockets.




My charge is £75 for each of the talks.
Mileage is included within a 30 mile radius of Eastbourne and 20p per mile (one way) after the first 30 miles.


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The Six Five Special

Six Five Special
In 1957 the BBC brought out the first Rock and Roll programme on television is response to the pirate radio stations Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline. It was an instant success and many stars were born. In 1990 Alan worked on a revival of the show with the original cast including Pete Murray as compare, for the Variety Club of Great Britain, raising money for children. It went well, but Alan thought he would like to give the show a story, so he wrote a musical using many songs of the time i.e. Dream Lover, Lipstick on your collar, Under the moon of love plus some new Rock and roll songs that he has written himself. A real foot tapping, happy family show about boy meets girl, will they meet at the Youth Club or will Dr Beeching close the railway line ?
This was shown at the Assembly Halls Theatre in Tunbridge Wells in 2016 with a professional London cast and was a great success.
This talk is a short introduction, about five minutes, then a screening of the show (60 minutes).
Lots of memorabilia as most older people will remember the songs and especially the theme song – ‘Over the points, over the points, over the points……
This presentation lasts approx 65 minutes.

I've Always Wanted a Smallholding.


When I was 65 we bought an 11 acre smallholding. A real leap in the dark as we had had no previous experience, other than liking animals! We had Dexter cows (the small ones that think they are show jumpers), sheep, goats, rare breed pigs and chickens. We made our own sausages and cheeses and sold produce to local friends and neighbours. It was hard work, Alan fenced and ditched the whole 11 acres and made barns for lambing and learned how to milk the goats. We had to learn how to care for the sheep and to help the lambs to be born. Wonderful fun, real hard work and many funny stories.

A PowerPoint talk with photo’s. approx 50 minutes.

Back Packing on a Pension Book.

Public Speaker Pamela McLellan talks about Backpacking on a Pension Book

At 60 after a difficult divorce, I decided to go back packing round the world on my own. I bought a rucksack and a return airline ticket and decided to keep going until the money ran out. I started in Australia visiting Ayres Rock by walking around it as the sun rose, to Darwin and the Kakajou National Park where the local Aboriginies put on a Corrobee for us. On the Barrier Reef I got my Dive Certificate, did a night dive and got bitten by fish on the reef! New Zealand was bathing in volcanic mud pools, going by helicopter to the Frans Joseph glacier and walking through ice caves, horse riding bare back in the sea, abseiling 300 feet into caves and hang gliding in the mountains. Also walking 17 kilometers over Mount Doom from the Lord of the Rings film.
Exciting, lonely at times, steep learning curves, funny, sad but wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

A PowerPoint talk with photo’s. approx 50 minutes.

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