Paul Beatty

Location: Stockport, Greater Manchester
About me...

I have had a varied and interesting life. I was a research scientist and engineer in the Health Service and University for over thirty years. I specialised in patient safety, medical instrumentation and have over a hundred research papers and presentations to my name.
I retired in 2011 to become a full time novelist. My first novel, Heron Fleet, was published in July 2013. I am currently engaged on a series of Victorian whodunits set around Stockport in the 1840s.
I have been involved in single issue, local and national politics for over 25 years. I was a founder of the British Nuclear Freeze Campaign in the 1980s and have worked with groups in the USA involved in green politics.
I am a very experienced public speaker, from small groups to audiences of up to 2,000. I have been a key-note speaker at international scientific conferences both in the UK and abroad, as well as a regular speaker at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference.
I currently lead an open discussion group called Seekers’ Corner in Costa Coffee in my home town of Marple, Cheshire.

About my Talks...

I use a video projector, computer and screen so can include video and audio. As a result, my talks use a high number of pictures and illustrations. I have my own equipment, all PAT tested, which I will bring with me at no extra cost.
I am willing to travel within a 20 mile radius of my home in Marple, Cheshire. My charges are £50 (plus modest travelling expenses) for groups up to about 40. Larger groups are subject to negotiation. I make reductions for charity groups and fund raising events


My standard fee is £50 for a standard evening or daytime talk. I charge 40p per mile for car travel (essential if I bring my own equipment) or second-class rail fare

My Contact Details:

0161 449 7225

The Secret Life of the Novel


They say that everyone has at least one book in them and many people dream of writing a novel, if they only knew where to start.
Paul is a novelist and poet with an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University. He will talk about his experiences of writing, and reads from some of his published work and work in progress.
He’ll discuss what writing a novel is like from the inside and answer questions such as:

Where do the ideas for novels come from?
How do you get published?
Can you learn to be a writer or are writers born?
What are the challenges of different writing genres?

Build Your Own Monster


Could the monsters we see in science fiction films or on TV in programmes like Dr Who, Star Trek or Star Wars really exist somewhere in the infinite depths of space? Have you ever fancied being Dr Frankenstein and inventing a monster of your own?
Paul will help you and your group to build a few imaginary monsters. Then using his experience of lecturing in physiology and biophysics, Paul will investigate if your monsters could survive, what colour they might be, what sort of planet they might come from and even how they might smell.
He will draw parallels with some of the weird and wonderful creatures that live today, or have lived in the past, on earth.
This is a talk for anyone who has ever been fascinated or scared my fictional monsters, or reads science fiction.

They’re only in it for Themselves


When it’s an election, do you hide when you hear a knock at the door in case it’s a politician? Do you think that no politician should be trusted? Do you know who your MP is, let alone your Local Councillor?
Paul has stood twice for Parliament (1987 and 1992) and been a Councillor in Stockport. He has been involved in national and local party politics for 25 years. He served on national policy making committees for the Liberal Democrats in Health, Defence and Foreign Policy, and chaired the committee on Genetic Engineering Policy.
In this talk Paul discusses what it’s really like to be on the other side of the door, what politics can and cannot do for people, and some pointers to sorting the politicians who really are in it for themselves from those who are driven by ideals and a commitment to public service.

Paul Beatty Contact Details:

0161 449 7225