Paul Carpenter

Location: Evesham Worcestershire
About The Speaker...

I have been keeping and breeding insects and spiders for more than 40 years.

For the past 20 years I have travelled to tropical forests all over the world searching for tarantula spiders. The purpose of the trips is to study, photograph and film the insects, spiders and any other interesting fauna in these forests.

I run my own business giving rain forest, evolution and mini-beast workshops in schools, clubs and societies.

About his Talks...

My talks use power point, I have my own projector but will require a screen or white wall.

All images and video clips used in the talks were taken by either myself or other members of the team.


I charge £45 plus 40p a mile from 10 miles outside Evesham Worcestershire.


My Contact Details:

01386 49747

Wonderful World

Paul Carpenter Public Speaker talks about  his search for  tarantula spiders, insects and other fauna.

This talks takes us from the mighty Amazon River to Suriname and Costa Rica in South and Central America, then over to Africa where we see Ghana and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. We then travel to Asia taking in Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia and Malaysia. We will see a new species of tarantula discovered by me on the southern tip of India, and the Goliath Bird Eating spider in the forests of Suriname, plus many other inhabitants of these incredible forests.

The purpose of these field trips is to find and photograph the tarantula spiders, insects and other fauna of these forests.

All the images and video clips are taken by myself or other members of the team.

The Hunt for Phormingochilus Carpenteri

Paul Carpenter Public Speaker talks about The Hunt for Phormingochilus Carpenteri

In 2015 I had a tarantula spider named after me in recognition of my field work studying tarantulas in the wild over the last 20 years. In 2016 I went to find and photograph this spider in its natural habitat; the tropical forests of Sulawesi an Indonesian island off the east coast of Borneo.

This talk takes us into a forest that not only contains my spider but also Tarsiers, Crested Black Macaques and many other amazing creatures. The forest itself is on the north eastern tip of Sulawesi and dips its toes into the Molucca sea with a thin strip of black volcanic sand keeping the two apart. Battling the tropical storms, heat and humidity we enter the forest in search of this large black arboreal tarantula meeting many other creatures on the way.

All images and video used in the talk were taken by either myself or other members of the team.

Wonderful World (without the spiders)

Public Speaker Paul Carpenter talks about Wonderful World (without the spiders)

This is my Wonderful World talk without any images of spiders, it still contains images of bugs, beetles, reptiles and many other creatures. I will talk about spiders as the aim of many of my trips was to find certain species; so these will be mentioned.