Paul Connery

Location: Bournemouth , Dorset
About me...

I am a former registered chiropractor of 22 years a nutrition adviser and life coach in Bournemouth and I’ll admit a bit of a non-conformist when it comes to health and the sea of misinformation that exists out there. I like to dig deep…probably due to my former life as a Software Engineer. That applies to social and environmental issues too and so I also talk on behalf of a non-profit and apolitical organisation called Positive Money, which campaigns for monetary education and reform.

About my Talks...

I have been on a crusade to enlighten and empower ordinary people to improve the quality of their lives and those around them. It’s what lights my fire. That’s why I love addressing audiences of all sizes, from one to 900, on topics ranging from ‘Why Zebras don’t get ulcers?’, ‘Why we get fat and sick…and what to do about it’ to ‘What is money, where does it come from and why should you care?’

I don’t like killing my audience softly with PowerPoint presentations, so my talks are stand-alone, enthusiastic, engaging, informative and entertaining events, usually 45-60 mins with Q&A.


£60 per talk (for groups up to 100, after which individual quotes can be requested)

Travel costs charged at HMRC rate of 45p per mile if further than 10 miles from Bournemouth.

I’m happy to work ANYWHERE IN THE UK  including London, Hertfordshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Somerset and Devon and Cornwall (where I have relatives) – however additional costs may apply if an overnight stay is necessary.


My Contact Details:

01202 798680 Mobile: 07470 141341

Why Zebras don’t get ulcers: Stress and Health

Public Speaker Paul Connery talks about Stress and Health in his talk Why Zebra's Don't Get Ulcers.

In this informative talk, your audience will learn the important relationship between stress and health. Not only will they leave with an understanding of what stress actually is, good and bad, but also the important similarities and differences between human and animal experiences (like the zebra). I’ll explain a new understanding of the development of chronic conditions such as ulcers, heart disease and diabetes as well as lifestyle interventions that could potentially prevent, halt or reverse them. No one will leave without new and powerful tools to protect or improve their health and wellbeing!






Why we get fat and sick…and what to do about it?

Public Speaker Paul Connery talks about Why we get fat and sick…and what to do about it?

The world is creaking under the strain of obesity and diabetes…but how has it come to this? That’s what will be explained in this highly informative and revelatory talk, which seeks to bust many nutritional and behavioural myths that exist in our social narrative! Life will never be the same again for your audience, after they learn the latest scientific understandings about the hormonal effects of food, what they are really designed to eat and how their government, corporate and dietary bodies have let them down. They’ll leave with a revolutionary plan of action to improve their own weight and health issues.

What is money, how is it created and why does it matter to you and everyone else?

Public Speaker Paul Connery talks about What is money, how is it created and why does it matter to you and everyone else?

Money makes the world go round…money is the root of all evil…follow the money! We use money every day. In fact, it feels almost as fundamental to our lives as drinking and eating (indeed, it is actually a pre-requisite to having those things!) We take it for granted, only caring if we have too little. We think we know what it is and where it comes from…but even 70% of MPs when asked don’t know the truth! This talk blows the lid off commonly held beliefs about money and exposes how that ignorance is affecting us as individuals, society and as a planet. You will learn how money is really created and how this negatively affects inequality, employment, health and the environment. More importantly, you’ll understand what needs to change in the monetary system, before things you care about can be improved.

What People Say About My Talks

10/10. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and humour shone through and made your talk so enjoyable and thought provoking. I think you could gauge the level of interest from the members by the number of questions asked during and after your talk and so many of our members came up to me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed your presentation and were in awe that you had no slides or notes to support you.

Brian O’Luanaigh, Speaker Secretary Probus, Blandford Forum

Paul Connery Contact Details:

01202 798680 Mobile: 07470 141341