Paul L Martin

Location: Croydon London
About the Speaker...

Paul L Martin has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years. He has performed at such prestigious venues as Knebworth, Hampton Court Palace, Café de Paris and The Café Royal and travelled to sing and host at venues across the world including Melbourne, Paris, Berlin, Dublin and New York.  He has become a sought-after Emcee for large-scale community events in the past decade including the Ukulele Festival of Scotland, Yorkshire’s Festival of Thrift and The Alternative Village Fete at The National Theatre, and played key roles in the major celebrations of The Queens Diamond Jubilee in Battersea Park and the London Olympics LOCOG Wrap Party at the Copperbox.

About Paul's talk...

Duration: Approximately 45 mins.

Equipment: Nothing necessary but if you have a PA and mic set up it’s a bonus.

Paul is happy to travel within 30 miles of his home in Croydon, London.


£120 flat fee inclusive of talk and travel costs.

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The Life Of A Travelling Showman

Paul Martin Public Speaker and entertainer talks about The Life of a Travelling Showman

From introducing burlesque dancers in a fifty seater venue in Cardiff to lip-synching as Nicole Kidman in front of 13,000 people in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, Paul L Martin’s life is never dull as he travels around the country entertaining. Find out how it all started, the pit falls of the industry and which celebrities are friendlier than others!’

Includes: Live songs accompanied on Mabel, his pink flowery Ukulele

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