Peter Arnold

Location: Bungay, Suffolk
About me...

I have recently retired from the post of Art Teacher in a High School. Prior to this I have been a Head of Year in a Middle School and Headteacher in a small Primary School. Through my entire career however I have been a teacher (not office bound). One of my interests is beekeeping and I have enjoyed this (apart from the stings) for over 30 years. My father was also a lifetime beekeeper so I picked up a lot of advice and ideas from him. My other sessions relate to my previous career and intend to make art accessible to all in the form of print work.

About my talk and workshop...

For the bee talks, the format will be powerpoint presentations – an electrical socket and screen are required but a clear wall would do.
For the art presentations I will bring all the equipment required and information will be provided in the form of demonstrations.


I charge £50 for the bee presentations – no charge for travel within 40 miles of Bungay, Suffolk; 30p per mile beyond this

I charge £65 for the printing workshops to cover the cost of materials- no charge for travel within 40 miles of Bungay, Suffolk; 30p per mile beyond this.

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Bees and Bee Keeping


This includes information on bees, their life cycle anecdotes on the joys of beekeeping and concludes with sampling different types of honey! There will also be the opportunity to take part in a bee and insects quiz to see what participants have learned.

Printing Workshop

This is a hands on session where participants can try relief printing, mono printing, and the production of colourful backgrounds for the prints – learn how to produce prints from almost anything!

Those attending please wear old clothing or bring an apron. Paint and ink can be messy! Tables to work on with washable tops would also be useful though I will bring paper to cover them.

Maximum of 25 participants for this workshop.

Peter Arnold Contact Details: