Peter Camrass

Location: Maidstone, Kent
About me...

I acquired my public speaking skills during my time as a pension specialist working for Clerical Medical.

Since taking early retirement from that role, I have trained to be a specialist in wills, trusts, inheritance tax and Lasting Powers of Attorney. I regularly give talks to W.I. groups and others.

About my talks...

I use Power Point presentations and have all my own equipment. These talks can be for 30 to 60 minutes depending on how much detail is required.


£45 when travelling with ten miles of my home town in Maidstone, Kent

My Contact Details:

Telephone: 01622720985 MOBILE: 07747007971

Wills, Trusts, Inheritance Tax & Lasting Powers of Attorney.

1. Peter Camrass 250x229

This very informative talk tells about the legal framework that we should all have in place to help protect our assets and ensure they are passed on to our loved ones.

Yalding Floods, Scouts & Canoeing

2. Peter Camrass 250x229

Why did Yalding flood in 2000 and 2013?
What’s the difference between a canoe & a kayak?
Why did a Yalding scout have tea with the Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street in 2014?
All these questions and more are answered by Peter in this entertaining talk. He also explains why canoeing is not just for young people.

Peter Camrass Contact Details:

Telephone: 01622720985 MOBILE: 07747007971